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kasparov? maybe...pro tinalo sya ng student nya na si vlad kramnik...

then kramnik defeat topalov to prove that he is the main man....at

the moment kramnik had an elo rating of 2865! he is the man to beat!

is there any chess player who went an entire career unbeaten? if yes, can you say he is the greatest of all time? :)

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during my playing days, i admired the oldies: capablanca and alekhine. later, i admired fischer and karpov.


otday though, i have to concede that it's kasparov. karpov fought well, but he was just outclassed by kasparov in their classic matches. plus, i think, kasparov made chess "sexy" and not just for nerds. his reign made chess more popular than ever.


unfortunately, i stopped tracking the chess champions after the deep blue matches. kaya di ko alam kung iyong mga sumunod kay kasparov ay magagaling din.

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is kramnik's rating indeed 2865? what i read was his current elo rating is 2772. max elo rating was 2811 months after he ended kasparov's 15-year hold on the chess' big boss' chair.


anyway, kramnik was able to beat kasparov. but kasparov still holds the highest elo rating ever ( 2851 ).

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Nobody dominated chess the way Bobby Fisher did.


His ELO rating is no longer the highest ever. But the disparity between his ELO rating and the second highest ELO rating in the world during that time is still the widest.


He has long since retired.

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