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i also bought an item at ebay.com. seller has a great feedback. but my problem is with the customs. they might give it to me or something. its an oakley sunglasses. it was declared a gift so its ok. pero im looking to buy more items over the net. some sellers in ebay will just deliver your item to your verified paypal address. so my problem is that. how can i resolve that problem? do i make another paypal account and base the address to the states?

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nag order ako sa amazon. 10days to 2 weeks turn around time. sa bahay mismo pinapadala yun sa akin. di ko alam bakit minsan sa local post office. nag order kasi ako once ng parts for guitar sa PO sa lawton ko pa na pick up with charges na hindi naman hamahalan.


i've been buying dvd's & cd's from amazon.com & amazon.co.uk since 1998. at the start, i choose the cheapest shipping option. that's the one where your order will land in a post office in the city of your indicated delivery address. pag corrupt yung post office employee, maghi-hint ng pangkape. dun ako nabwiset.


so for more than 8 years now, i always choose the priority shipping. it's $29.99 per shipment of dvd's, cd's or combination of those. before it's just $24.99. what's nice with this priority shipping option, you can track it at dhl.com (amazon.co.uk has different courier company) and arrives 3 days after you ordered for it. so, if you finalize your shopping cart on monday, expect thursday delivery. plus, dhl is the best!


what i do is accumulate all the dvd's & cd's i like to buy to up to around $300-$450 or 10-15 or more pieces. amazon will send it in at least two packages, especially if your orders will come from two different processing centers. the duties and taxes you will have to pay to dhl will range from P2,200-P5,200 for invoice cost of $80-$400. you can never effectively budget the amount of taxes and duties coz it will all depend on how much will amazon put in the box.

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My binili ako sa ebay na pina direct to philippines shipment ko.


May dinala na card yung kartero sa bahay namin. Pumunta ako sa PO, nagbayad ng P35 then, tapos na.


Medyo matagal nga lang pero mas naka mura compared sa pag papa freight forwarding.


A tip when buying:




And if you trust the Phillipine postal company then also ask the seller to declare the item's value at $10-20 to avoid duties and taxes. And try to befriend ypur kartero and local post office customs "in charge person" to avoid taxation.


the best thing to do is to befriend the postal custom officials so that they wont charge you any customs duties and taxes. There is no truth about declaring your parcel as "GIFT" that it will be exmpted on duties and taxes. It is stated at the customs book, whether purchase items or gift send to you by foreign countries upon entering the Philippines it will subjected to duties and taxes. Dati nakikipagtalo ako sa mgapostal custom, one day the Custom Director approach me and called to his office at manila postal office he explained it to me and hand over a xerox copy of the Customs manual nakasulal diyan at batas ng Philippine Government to collect duties and taxes.

As you befriend all Postal Custom Officials you have easy access if not then dapat magaling ka makipag argue sa kanila. Most of the time they will give way to you kahit pang miyernda lang.

As you know they have a quota on collection every day, every week and month if they miss the target will be transfer to other customs offices.


For no hassel shipment deliver you can use DHL, Fedex which will deliver on your front door. But if you use EMS or US postal expect it will be landing on CMEC (pasay infront of domestic airport) or your local nearby postal offices.

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Hello. I'd like to share my experiences in ordering stuff online from the following sites:


1.) Amazon.com - Shipping is really expensive so I would recommend not buying multiple items. I haven't paid customs when I ordered at this site (Package was delivered by FEDEX) but my officemate was forced to pay between 1k - 2k for his programming manual.


2.) Amazon.co.jp - Same with Amazon. My friend was charged 1200 when he bought a photobook. This package was delivered by DHL. Whenever the package is delivered by Fed-ex , there were no customs charges. Most of my purchases here were books and comics so I'm not sure if it's applicable to the other items.


3.) HLJ.com - This site specializes in toys. I first tried EMS. The package arrived after a week. Unfortunately , I was required to claim it at the Pasay post office and pay customs (which was more expensive than the item).

I then tried the SAL method and and specified my office as the delivery address. Customs will not really charge you for books or similar printed material if its not that big. I think the customs agent mentioned something about the weight of the package. On the other hand , figurines or toys are charged if the value is over 2000 pesos. The customs agent mentioned that you can save money if you group all your purchases in one shipping since the doc stamps or other similar fees will only be paid once.


4.) Latendoshop.com - Again , this site specializes in toys. I didn't pay any customs fees when I specified SAL as the shipping. I had it declared as a gift and requested the merchant to undervalue the item just in case. On the other hand , when a bulk shipment was shipped to Makati, I had to pay 500 as "grease money" instead of 1200 for the customs tax.


Basically what we can do to save costs is that we can 1.) declare the item at a lower value , 2.) Declare it as a gift 3.) Group the shipments into one delivery ...


Just my two cents. :)

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been doing business with the biggies and smallish ones. Hit and miss service. I find the smaller ones better in quality of service that the bigger ones, wherein it is hard to establish QA- quality assurance, but believe me they try hard. for example i recently ordered a book from amazon, the provider sent me the wrong one....i complained and wrote a bad survey to amazon, the supplier...gaved me back my money, and keep the wrong book on condition that I erase the bad rap I gaved them.

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How about Newegg? may naka try naba? planning to buy a new laptop sa kanila kasi mas mura compared to benstore/vilmore, and definitely mas mura sa mga physical stores even with their estimated delivery+vat additionals,, im sure mainit sa mata ng customs yan lalo na sa mga big purchases 50k-100k plus, so may naka try naba? sana may makasagot ng maayos po hindi yung - ( ay oo for sure malaki dagdag ng customs dyan type of bs ). maraming salamat po!

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