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What's Missing In Your Life?

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Are you satisfied with your life as it is now? Or is there something missing that would complete your life?


Wealth, knowledge, love for yourself, beauty, peace of mind, that special someone?


I also considered myself as an under-achiever. I didn't put much effort in school but I still excelled much to my


surprise. Yet, I have this gnawing feeling that I've squandered all my chances to achieve success in my life.


I get excited over a new project or new interest then as quickly as I get interested, I lose interest just


as fast. I achieved quite a bit in my career but found myself tiring of the rat race and finding that life nearly unfulfilling.


So at I get near my 2nd debut, I'm scrabbling to find what it is that makes me happy besides being a mom and a wife.


Finding a sense of accomplishment in my professional life... a job or careeer that I would really enjoy, something that's worth my time being spent away from my kids and


husband, and being able to balance that with a fulfilling personal life....Once I find or achieve these, only then can I truly say I'm complete.

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Work ... that's challenging, fulfulling and rewarding ... so I can share what I'd learnt with my former employers


a special someone or significant other ... to share my ups and downs with ... bed/lust/love partner who shares my physical HUNGER/needs ... who will also be there to correct/guide me ... and I will reciprocate the same with him


disposable inCUM ... to spend and splurge on myself, family and friends ... when the occassions call for it


belonging ... that you are ONE with the world, universe and fellow human beings


a bestfriend ... like JAL


love, genuine concern

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Not exactly to complete me... but I think I really need something else to feel passion for.


I thought photography woudl do it for me... but its challenge for me has waned... and now I'm just not feeling productive anymore... I feel like am not contributing anything... i've taken to just letting life pass by...


I've never aspired for great things career-wise, since my ineterstes have always been the kind that doesn't really get much financial rewards...


Hopefully though, i'd free myself from this rut soon... and maybe take the low pay so long as im' doing something i love...


Oh and kids would be nice as well... and more opportunities for travel :)

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