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Jealousy. Selos. Sino ang Seloso / Selosa Dito???

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Jealous.. definitely who wouldn't be... but then there is bad jealousy and good jealousy... good jealousy is being alert to the competition and being a better person for your partner (showing your partner that because I love you I will show you that because you love me I am better than the one trying to win you over)... bad jealousy is getting jealous unnecessarily and barricading your partner to a corner all the time...

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sometimes i tend to get too jealous.. leading to what you call "bad jealousy". sino ba naman di magiging OA kung ang gf mo eh hot chinita na super sexy tapos ang daming guy na gusto makipagkilala sa kanya... hay!!!!! kundi lang malaki katawan ko malamang harapan na kong binastos ng ibang guy and agad agad lalapit sa gf ko. :(

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yup ako sobra maganda ang katawan ng bf ko at pogi din kaya ang ginawa ko pinataba ko sya pero di naman sobra maganda pa din katawan nya mas bagay nga sa kanya e mas naging macho kaya halos ayaw ko sya palabasin ng bahay ayaw ko din sya magwork kasi baka may magkagusto sa kanya at akitin sya sasakalin ko sya tiyak.

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Nope basta she would tell me everything.


I have a gro girlfriend before and I love her so much. Minsan nakikipagdate siya since she needed the money and I guess okay lang sa akin as long as sinasabi nya sa akin everything and that nothing happens. Kaya lang minsan hindi nya nasasabi and duon nagstart na yung selos. But then again since hindi ko pa sya kaya buhayin kaya sometimes you need to understand their predicament.

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not really the jealous type. perhaps because i feel secured with my relationship and myself.


there are times i would catch him glancing over girls...

i'd tell him "pretty and sexy noh!", then smile.

there are even times that i'm the one telling him that some pretty and sexy girls have just passed by.


i never get jealous with his job. in fact, i'm very supportive of him.


not even with his friends and new acquaintances.


through the years, he has proven that i can trust him.

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