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Video Editing, Cd / Dvd Conversion, Burning, Large Files Etc

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Here's what Consumer Search website says:


"Fast Answers - Best Photo-Editing Software


• Adobe Photoshop Elements 5

(*est. $80)

Best photo editor overall.

In the latest reviews, Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 pulls ahead of its main competition, Corel Paint Shop Pro XI. We did find a few complaints that Elements is missing some advanced features from version 4, but all reviews say Elements is an extremely intuitive, robust photo editor with virtually no learning curve. Photoshop Elements 5 works with Windows XP. Photoshop Elements 4 (*est. $75) is available for Mac OS X users.


• Google Picasa

(free, http://picasa.google.com)

Free photo editor and organizer.

If you just need the basics -- cropping, fixing red-eye, adjusting contrast, and adding special effects like sepia or soft focus, reviews say you don't need $80 photo-editing software. Google's Picasa is really more of a photo organizer, but it does include some easy-to-use editing tools. Since it's compatible with Windows 98, Me and 2000 in addition to Windows XP, it's also a good choice for older or less powerful computers.


• The GIMP

(free, http://gimp.org)

Free photo-editing software.

The GIMP is sometimes called a free alternative to Photoshop, but reviews say it is appropriate for both beginners and advanced users. The interface, though improved over the years, isn't as intuitive as Photoshop Elements, and reviews say installation can be a little cumbersome. However, The GIMP has many more advanced photo-editing features than Picasa. The GIMP is also the only free image editor compatible with Windows (98 and later), Mac OS X and Linux.


• Adobe Photoshop CS2

(*est. $650)

Professional graphics software.

Adobe Photoshop CS2 isn't really for the casual home user, but reviews say it's the photo-editor of choice for professional graphic artists. Unlike consumer titles, reviews say Photoshop has a steep learning curve, but it ultimately offers the most control and power, especially for those who work with RAW image files. Photoshop continues to be the industry standard for both Mac and Windows platforms.


Reviewers agree that Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop Elements are close competitors, but for the latest versions, Elements has the edge. Some reviewers also like Ulead PhotoImpact and Microsoft Digital Image Suite, but neither supplant Adobe or Corel. Google's Picasa and The GIMP are the best free photo-editing programs."

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mga bossing, i am planning to create a VCD for my kids 1st bday, mostly pics na gagawing slideshow ska movie clips na either 3gp or avi format, kaso kailanga ko pang i edit ung lights and sounds kasi maraming ingay saka mjo madilim ... can you help me with this what programs should i use and simple tutorial and tips

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help pls. how do i burn a dvd to another dvd? the dvd that i would like to copy is a special event covered by a professional that i would like to distribute to my relatives. i've tried converting it to avi to be able to burn it using nero but the file is not supported. i've also tried intervideo copy but when i played the dvd to my player, it goes on a loop.

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help pls. how do i burn a dvd to another dvd? the dvd that i would like to copy is a special event covered by a professional that i would like to distribute to my relatives. i've tried converting it to avi to be able to burn it using nero but the file is not supported. i've also tried intervideo copy but when i played the dvd to my player, it goes on a loop.


why do you have to convert it? why not make an exact duplicate?

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If you have 2 dvd (one is read only-ROM and the other is rewritable-RW) it would be possible!


But if you only have one, not a problem. Try to duplicate the entire DVD to your pc. You may use Nero, or any program to create image of the file. Have you heard about Daemon tool? This program really helps! For example, I've downloaded a 4gig dvd game from the torrent site. It is an image file, or commonly known as ISO, UIF, etc. So, I use Daemon tool to use this file without extracting it then burn it. Yes! Daemon tool is a virtual drive for you pc. So, my advice for you, create an image file of your dvd (source) then use Daemon tool as your "virtual dvd" then use Nero (or any burning sftware) to be able to copy all of it contents to another dvd! Gets?


Hope it helps! :thumbsupsmiley:

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i have pc and a jvc video cam. where can i buy dv cable so that i could convert my 8mm to dvds?


When you say you mean 8mm video tape right? Like Video 8/Hi-8.


Is it a digital cam? Does it have a a Firewire port? I think they call it an IEEE 1394 cable in the non-Apple world. Even lowend Sony digital cams have a firewire port. Sony calls it their iLink port. You will need a mini firewire (cam side) to Firewire 400 cable (computer side). I was able to buy some last week from SM Home Appliances, Price was P500+, brand was Philips. Of course you will have to have firewire on your computer.


If you don't have firewire, you will need one of those analog to digital converter boxes they sell in Virra Mall. They have all kinds that range from the cheap and nasty to pro-consumer models. I would not know what to recommend to you though. Be sure to test, the cheap ones will probably have latency (video/audio sync) problems in higher bit rates. These boxes plug into your USB port. You plug the cam into the box using a standard RCA AV cable.


If you mean 8mm celluloid film that a different story. You will need to have it 'scoped' but now you can do that directly to digital which is good.

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Ano ba magandang pang burn ng mga AVI/movies sa DVD para maging maraming movies sa DVD?


you can use VSOConvertXtoDVD software (google it or download it via torrent)...

drag and drop mo lang mga video files mo dun (.avi,.mpeg,.wmv, etc.)...

eto na rin yung magbu-burn ng dvd files mo sa blank dvd...


NOTE: for a perfect running dvd movie/s, use DVD-R 4.7gb... :thumbsupsmiley:

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Good day po sa inyo lahat : I am new at linking and managing video .rar files...

need a walk through on how to use a downloader like 7zip and how I am

supposed to put the downloaded files together so that they become a full

movie... I have been looking around some resources pero I still do not have

a clear answer in simple terms that I can use and understand. If you guys

would be so kind as to show a link or give us here a straightforward explanation

of how to manage and handle .rar files, I would be much obliged. PM me rin

if you could suggest a link. Sorry for my katangahan... just a byproduct of

dementia :upside: tanda na kasi... :blink:



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