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Tips For The Newly Graduates

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Take in everything you can learn about your field. Be hungry with knowledge and experience. Don't think about the money (if possible), but if not, don't let your hunger for knowledge be drowned by money. At the end, equipping yourself with experience and knowledge will get you places.

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For those graduating from the so called big three, be humble, as you will find out later on that its not all about the school where you graduated from. I am speaking from experience (DLSU batch 86). Its how you use what you've learned and more importantly how you conduct yourself in the daily grind we call "work".

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Job hunting.

Make a list of your top employers and apply to them after practicing with other job interviews, because the biggest and most high demand companies often keep a blacklist of bad, weak, undesirable, or otherwise, applicants.


Otherwise, do as many job interviews as you can at low priority companies because it's a skill and you need to learn what different interviewers and companies are looking for. Advice is often only 10%, or less, of learning since people learn better from experience. Plus each employer + interviewer combination is looking for different things, and it's a waste of energy to look for their requirements (unless it's a top 50 company with good pay and benefits, or your dream job, or something like that).


Job interviews

Imagine you're already an employee and you're just checking in with management. You belong there.


Check the attitude of the interviewer. Aim for a middle of the road greeting, between polite and comfortable, but nit super casual.


If the interviewer is casual, loosen up a bit, but not too much. The interviewer is not your friend. Be confident, but not overconfident (you're disposable at this point, don't overplay your hand)


Google "commonly asked interview questions". Practice speaking in the mirror. Control your tone and speak clearly.


The interview means your resumé is good. You're in the latter phase of hiring, so show your strengths.


Attire should be as professional as possible, no matter what job. Dress shirt, slacks, black leather shoes, with a jacket if possible, a suit if possible.


Non-acceptance is not a failure on your part, they just didn't appreciate your qualifications (unless you were super arrogant or super bad. In that case, you failed, adjust your attitude and your game.)


As mentioned by others, your school means very little, except in the most elitist (not elite, just elitist) jobs where only a few people had a chance in the first place.

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The term "Your reputation precedes you" has a ring of truth in it. Wherever or whatever job you start with, In any profession/career or industry,  do your best and strive to add to your skill set and build a strong foundation you can set your  ladder to success on while always looking ahead and planning for your next step.    

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