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All About Scents - perfumes/colognes


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212 Carolina Herrera kung gusto ko maiskandalo tao, lalo ma paw pinawisan hayup sa alingasaw buong 200 sq.m. amoy, pagkatapos mag gym versace blue jean (green) ung scent nya bagong labas sa shower, pang porma un Live Jazz ng YSL, RL Romance pag formal, Polo green pang casual, o kaya envy ng Gucci B)

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Guest ginny

Hugo Boss. Ewan ko ba, I get really turned-on whenever I smell him eh.. I dont know if it's the smell or him per se. ;)


I myself am not fond of wearing perfumes.. gusto ko mild smell lang.. cologne-ish. But my ex said he remembers me daw pag naaamoy nya yun Tommy Girl atska Escape.

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way back in college, i was the first one to buy CK Escape, good thing about that was the girls really love the smell, they just want t sit/walk near you and try to smell


Its a litlle bit kinky, but i got turned on when their boobies, touched my arm when they sit too close, real close and they're real lookers man, matawagan nga mamaya


now i prefer Polo sport, good old drakkar Noir and Crave

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