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Sweet Night Of Passion


Walk with me to sneak away like pair

of thief run into sweet zeal of the night,


And while everyone else sleep

so deeply into their dream,


See the night cloud raging over the sky


And along with pale blue light form

moon have full this dark night with light,


Feel the Sweet night of The Passion drawing us so closer


To other glaze eyes,


I longing for you to touch me the way

this sweet night of passion have to me so engagingly,


So deeply,


This is the night I will release my

sexual desire to you..

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sige, sungkal

bawat dangkal


lahat lahat


kalimutan ang kaalaman

sundin ang iyong laman





ng haliparot



isinubo ng nakatindig

mga matang pumipikit

kamay napapakapit


tuhod na nanginginig

bumibilis na pintig...


hiyaw ng hiyaw

di naman umaayaw

mga kukong bumabaon

habang binabayo ng kanyon


mga gunitang saykedelik

nagliliyab na mga halik


ng hinahangad



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..She lies,

Her face turned from you

The boldness of skin

Against fragile white lace webs.

Your eyes caress her endless expanse of skin,

But she will not stir,

She will not turn to you,

She will not let you into her world.

For her, you do not exist.

She is alone

Alone in her own universe,

Alone on her calado cloud.

Later, without as much as a glance,

She will rise and leave this room

The delicate lace pattern

Tattooed on her back.

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When I Wake Up this Morning


My sleepy eyes journeyed

around your disheveled room


frames and loosened curtains

dangling in awkward position


smell of spilled wine

lingering on the cushion


crumpled underwear still tucked

beneath the Chinese lampshade


this morning on your bed

our warm bodies left an indelible mark


on ruffled white linen

still fresh of our virginal encounter…

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Thoughts of you fill my mind with so much desire that I could barely contain it.


I remember the first time I felt the warmth of your body next to mine; how you walked towards me, gently pressing your lips against mine. Our lips part slow, as our tongues intertwine and tease each other. I can still feel the heat between us that flows deep, how we can barely hide our craving for each other's bodies.


I love the the way you cupped my breasts, kissing them, sucking my nipples, gently teasing me like a little child. Thinking about how you explored every crease of my body with your taste buds still sends shivers down my spine. You were gentle when I asked you to be gentle. I can sense the fortress that you built around you and yet you never held anything back just to take me to peaks of ecstasy. I love the way you look into my eyes, telling me how pretty I am, and honestly, I can feel the lust flowing between us, increasing in its intensity.


I had apprehensions when you went down but feeling your lips and tongue play with the most sensitive part of the flesh between my thighs caused waves of pleasures through my entire being. I remember your hardness entering me for the very first time. We rocked slowly, tenderly while locked in a tight embrace, my legs tightly wrapped around you, every thrust bringing us closer to heights of pleasure.


I long to make you feel good all over. I long to kiss and lick your ears, your nape, shoulders and back the way you like it, the way it drives you crazy.


I yearn for our bodies to explode in a fury of orgasmic delight once again. I want to see you catch your breath, close your eyes and lay your head next to mine. I want to kiss you tenderly, softly as our hot bodies melt together.


At that moment in time, you are mine as I am yours.

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On The Kiss by Klimt


No doubt he’s given up on the idea: the perfect time, place, kiss. No wonder his robe’s aglow like a moment before a blowup, kindling her dress swollen with florid circles, diffusing glitters on the walls that used to be stained only by day & night & longing.


No doubt she’s caught unawares. No wonder her right hand’s too frail against the tension of his neck, of his wreathed head like she sees in her dreams, her left hand too slow, too hesitant to place itself on one of the dark patches of his robe & leave it there to burn.


No use for the rest of the bed. Leave the flowers be. Leave what other patterns, shapes, colors, nuances, scents stuck in shoulders, violets in tresses, smoldering laces hanging over bare frozen feet—leave what other complexities, distractions other than her lips, be.


No use for comfort. No room for other positions than the one closest to that of prayer, to that of supplication to be with the other soonest, to be finally entwined in the other’s fever, to be right at that moment of waking, just somewhere right before giving in...

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si ayang kaaya aya

huwebes nakita ko sya


umikot ang paningin

naglaglagan mga bituin


kalamnan ko'y namulupot

at laway ay lumapot


sa saliw ng tugtugin

at mga kalembang

ang boses ng dj

na pumapalempang


humagkis ang bewang

at gumiling na nga po

di ako makatayo

napako sa pagkaupo


at nasilaw sa ilaw

nang lumapit pa siya

ramdam ko ang uhaw

sa lapit ng dibdib niya

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The river of her bed wouldn't care about numbers,the miles the hours or the years

Perhaps she'd only cared if they were eternally away from love

The essential would be sensed as soon as your sun would set on her skin

These colors in her mind can't be seen in poems

Unless you feel them tenderly in your skin

May the haikus stir you with deepest emotions until dawn

In all the sweetess lanes of your drawning spirit

Drowning in the river in spite of everything

The waters of these stargazing hush up a bit

They cannot be told with mere words nor images

The waves in the sheets that shake all the thoughts

This hand on her belly that could reach out her soul

Anytime she's choking it's only for some more

Sometimes she's wondering why she could make love to Poetry

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Feelin' Love

Paula Cole



You make me feel like a sticky pistil

Leaning into her stamen.

You make me feel like Mr. Sunshine himself.

You make me feel like splendor in the grass where we're rolling

Damn skippy baby

you make me feel like the Amazon's running between my thighs.


You make me feel love


You make me feel like a candy purple, red and horny

You make me feel like I want to be dumb blonde

In a centerfold, the girl next door.

And I would open the door and I'd be all wet

With my tits soaking through this tiny little t-shirt

That I'm wearing and you would open the door

And tie me up to the bed.


You make me feel love


Lover, I don't know who I am

Am I Barry White?

Am I hot inside?

What would I place with your hot conscious

Oh baby babe babe babe

I will be your death the moon light

Take your time


You make me feel love

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It was a night of sensual passion, in which she was a little startled and almost unwilling: yet pierced again with piercing thrills of sensuality, different, sharper, more terrible than the thrills of tenderness, but, at the moment, more desirable. Though a little frightened, she let him have his way, and the reckless, shameless sensuality shook her to her foundations, stripped her to the very last, and made a different woman of her. It was not really love. It was not voluptuousness. It was sensuality sharp and searing as fire, burning the soul to tinder.


Burning out the shames, the deepest, oldest shames, in the most secret places. It cost her an effort to let him have his way and his will of her. She had to be a passive, consenting thing, like a slave, a physical slave. Yet the passion licked round her, consuming, and when the sensual flame of it pressed through her bowels and breast, she really thought she was dying: yet a poignant, marvellous death.


She had often wondered what Abélard meant, when he said that in their year of love he and Héloïse had passed through all the stages and refinements of passion. The same thing, a thousand years ago: ten thousand years ago! The same on the Greek vases, everywhere! The refinements of passion, the extravagances of sensuality! And necessary, forever necessary, to burn out false shames and smelt out the heaviest ore of the body into purity. With the fire of sheer sensuality.


In the short summer night she learnt so much. She would have thought a woman would have died of shame. Instead of which, the shame died. Shame, which is fear: the deep Organic shame, the old, old physical fear which crouches in the bodily roots of us, and can only be chased away by the sensual fire, at last it was roused up and routed by the phallic hunt of the man, and she came to the very heart of the jungle of herself. She felt, now, she had come to the real bed-rock of her nature, and was essentially shameless. She was her sensual self, naked and unashamed. She felt a triumph, almost a vainglory. So! That was how it was! That was life! That was how oneself really was! There was nothing left to disguise or be ashamed of. She shared her ultimate nakedness with a man, another being.


And what a reckless devil the man was! really like a devil! One had to be strong to bear him. But it took some getting at, the core of the physical jungle, the last and deepest recess of organic shame. The phallus alone could explore it. And how he had pressed in on her!


And how, in fear, she had hated it. But how she had really wanted it! She knew now. At the bottom of her soul, fundamentally, she had needed this phallic hunting Out, she had secretly wanted it, and she had believed that she would never get it. Now suddenly there it was, and a man was sharing her last and final nakedness, she was shameless.


What liars poets and everybody were! They made one think one wanted sentiment. When what one supremely wanted was this piercing, consuming, rather awful sensuality. To find a man who dared do it, without shame or sin or final misgiving! If he had been ashamed afterwards, and made one feel ashamed, how awful! What a pity most men are so doggy, a bit shameful, like Clifford! Like Michaelis even! Both sensually a bit doggy and humiliating. The supreme pleasure of the mind! And what is that to a woman? What is it, really, to the man either! He becomes merely messy and doggy, even in his mind. It needs sheer sensuality even to purify and quicken the mind. Sheer fiery sensuality, not messiness.


Ah, God, how rare a thing a man is! They are all dogs that trot and sniff and copulate. To have found a man who was not afraid and not ashamed! She looked at him now, sleeping so like a wild animal asleep, gone, gone in the remoteness of it. She nestled down, not to be away from him.


Till his rousing waked her completely. He was sitting up in bed, looking down at her. She saw her own nakedness in his eyes, immediate knowledge of her. And the fluid, male knowledge of herself seemed to flow to her from his eyes and wrap her voluptuously. Oh, how voluptuous and lovely it was to have limbs and body half-asleep, heavy and suffused with passion.




-- an excerpt from "Lady Chatterley's Lover" by DH Lawrence

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'Come in!' Cordelia said. As soon as he appeared she felt a warm thrill of appreciation as she noticed how smooth and sculpted his chest looked, how handsome his tanned face with its wide-set eyes in that ambiguous shade of greenish blue, with his sexy mouth set in its habitual slight pout, his nose so classically long and straight and the whole picture framed by those gorgeous golden locks thatshe knew felt as glossy and sensual as a hank of embroidery silk.


Cordelia told him to prepare the bathroom for her shower then comeback to undress her. She knew he'd be hoping for more, longing to get his hands on her flesh as she sometimes allowed him to do, lathering her silky skin and feeling her nipples harden beneath his fingertips. But this time she would deny him - at first.She would make him stand and watch her as she washed herself. A little deprivation now would make him all the more eager to please her later.


When Ralph re-appeared she stood up with her back to him. 'Unzip me!'


He obeyed her with reverential care, sliding the zipper down smoothly to the point below her waist where she could step out of the neat shirt-waister dress, leaving her in her underwear. He knew the routine,unfastening her bra at the back and pulling the straps down her arms from behind so that he ran no risk of touching her bosom. Cordelia let the garment fall to the floor and he picked it up,placing it on the bed with her dress ready to go in with the dirty linen.


Behind her back she felt Ralph kneel so he could unfasten her suspenders, unhitching her stockings and rolling them deftly down her legsbeing very careful not to snag them. A hole or ladder in her precious silk stockings merited a thrashing, as he well knew. Standing there in her lace-trimmed panties Cordelia decided to call a halt to the proceedings.


'That will do. Find my pink basque, the one with the black lace, andlay it out ready. I shall require black fishnets and my black patent boots. Oh, and the rhinestone collar with the matching earrings. Get all that ready while I'min the bathroom then you can come in and watch me take a shower.'


'Yes, madam. Thank you, madam.'


She knew the thrill he was experiencing at the omission of her panties. He knew better than to question her, of course. She smiled to think of her bush peeking out from between her suspenders, just below the frill of black lace. How tantalising he would find it! But first she would provoke him by showering in front of him as,sometimes, she liked him to do for her.


The atmosphere in the bathroom was warm and steamy, the air already filled with the scent of her current favourite perfume. Cordelia stripped off her panties and stood beneath the coursing water that soon drenched her from head to foot. She dipped her finger in the shell-shaped bowl of turquoise gloop and began to lather her breasts, making them taut and globular, with the nipples rearing stiffly to attention. Then she called him in.

Ralph entered, the bulge that was leading up slantwise from his crotch more apparent now beneath the tight rubbery suit. Cordelia imagined it bursting free from its constraints, ready and eager to do her bidding, anda deep shudder of lust took her unawares and made her utter a small groan. She stifled it at once.


'Sit there on the stool and watch me!' she told him, sternly.'Meditate upon my beautiful body and prepare to do me service.'


She knew that would excite him almost beyond measure. His eyes misted a little as he sat down on the cork-topped stool, his hand absently patting his crotch. Cordelia gave asecret smile of satisfaction and began to lather the shower gel into herpubic hair, letting her fingers delve into the mass of curls to where the slippery nub was already very evident atthe top of her vulva. It was still pulsing strongly and crying out for stimulation but, hard as it was, she refrained from rubbing herself there.Ralph had been behaving impeccably since she returned home and, despite his small oversights in the cleaning department, he deserved his reward as well as some chastisement.


While she continued to soap herself with Ralph's eyes intent upon her,Cordelia devised a plan that would achieve both ends. She would make it hard for him to achieve her satisfaction. That way he would be frustrated but her own climax, when it finally came, would be all the more intense. An image of apple bobbing came to mindand of Ralph blindfolded, with his hands tied behind his back. She would play Eve, tantalising him with the sweet apple of her sex. The thought sent a wild shiver of sensual joy flooding through her. She stepped out of the shower and he was instantly alert, waiting todo her bidding.


-- an excerpt from "Strictly Pleasure" by Nadine Wilder

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Promptly at eight they all went into the large dining-room where the table was set for fourteen. They made a merry party, with jokes being told in one language and translated into other languages all down the table. At the head sat Georgie, very much in command, and when the meal was drawing to an end he stood up, glass in hand, and proposed a toast, 'To the newest member of our little company: Milly, from England!'


'Milly from England!' came the resounding response.


'We don't ask our novices to give speeches,' Georgie began. 'But we do require that you take part in a special ceremony of initiation. It's a kind of party game really. It helps you to get to know people . . .' At this there were sniggers all round the table, which he silenced with a frown. 'And I think you will enjoy it, too. Carlo, the blindfold!'


She was startled when a thick, black scarf was tied over her eyes. Was this to be a game of Blind Man's Bluff? Somehow she didn't think so. There was a great deal of giggling going on as she was led away from her chair. She heard them clearing away the dishes and cutlery, then she was helped up onto the table top by willing hands.


'Now kneel down,' she heard Georgie say at her side. 'Don't worry, there are people all round you so you shan't fall. Good! Now then, you shall choose your first victim. Names into the hat, fellows.'


There was more giggling and scuffling, then Milly's hand was guided into a hat filled with folded scraps of paper. She took one out as instructed. There was a pregnant silence and then an outbreak of whispers and giggles.


'Lucky fellow!' she heard a girl's voice say nearby. 'He'll have the best of her tongue, before she gets tired!'


The words fired Milly's imagination and when she heard someone climb up onto the table just in front of her she grew even more excited. Georgie began to explain what she had to do in his deep, authoritative voice. 'Now my dear, you are going to have to guess the identity of this young man, whose name you have just pulled out of the hat. But I'm afraid the only clue you will have is the taste of his member. If you still cannot guess his name after you have used your tongue on him, we may give you a clue. Oh, I nearly forgot: hands behind your back! We trust you not to use them and we shall not tie them unless you misbehave.'


A warm flush of excitement filled Milly from head to toe and she contemplated doing what she had been longing to do earlier. She did not flinch from performing fellatio in front of the others since she had done it before with her friends and, besides, she knew that she would probably be working with them all sooner or later. It seemed as good a way as any to break the ice. Obediently she interlaced her fingers behind her back and half opened her mouth, ready to receive the lucky man's organ.


The feel of it surprised her as it knocked awkwardly against her cheek with eager force, like a blow from a padded hammer. A small cheer went round the table as the man realigned it and she enveloped the glans with her lips. Her tongue flicked into the groove where a drop of salty liquid resided and she sighed with the pleasure of it. She opened wider and slowly the long, thick prick was fed into her willing mouth, the top of the hard shaft rubbing against the roof of her mouth while she licked the underside with her tongue.


A loud groan told her that the anonymous male was enjoying it just as much as she was and, encouraged, she moved her head rapidly back and forth so that she could tongue the length of him more vigorously. The spectators quickly receded from her mind so that all she was aware of was the lusty cock and the man it was attached to, building up her own picture of him that probably had nothing to do with reality. She had entirely forgotten the point of the 'game,' believing that she was simply engaged in bringing her partner to a climax by the fastest possible route.


So it came as a shock suddenly to hear Georgie's voice in her ear saying, 'Have you

guessed the name of the man you are so expertly pleasuring, my dear?'


With her mouth full of solid, virile flesh, Milly could not possibly reply.


Someone nearby began softly whistling. It was a tune Milly recognised, though she could not give a name to it at first. Then the penny dropped: of course, the Marseillaise! The penis was pulled from her mouth and she hazarded a guess. 'Could it be . . . Jacques?'


A roar went all round the table, accompanied by sporadic applause. Georgie congratulated her, but before she had time to bask in her glory another name was drawn from the hat and a second phallus submitted to the lip-test. This one was long, thin and sweetly scented with a slightly soapy taste. Milly began to ponder on its owner's identity straight away. She had a hunch that he might be Italian. Could it be Carlo? No, his dick was quite short and thick she remembered. There was only one other Italian man and that was Bruno. Yes, she fancied that his organ's dimensions were similar to this. And perhaps it had that distinctive flavour because it had recently been in the bath with Lotte.


Milly moved her head back quickly so that the penis fell from her lips and said, 'I think

this is Bruno!'


The laughter that spread round the table this time was knowing, suggestive. Milly knew

they all thought she was better acquainted with Bruno's member because she had encountered it before. She blushed, wishing she had waited longer before identifying it. And, judging from the disappointed groan that issued from Bruno's lips, he wished she had too!


Milly calculated that she had three more to identify, and as the third erect cock was placed against her lips she mentally reviewed the candidates. Did this one belong to Hans, Nico or Carlo? There was a certain familiarity about it, she decided. Something about the smell or feel of it against her. Yes, she was sure she had been close to this organ before, so that could only mean that it was attached to her partner in that afternoon's proceedings.


'Carlo!' she announced, when she had given it a thorough tasting on all sides.


'Three out of five correct,' she heard Georgie say. 'Remarkable!'


But her luck did not last, neither could her powers of deduction prevent her from guessing the last two wrongly. She attributed the sturdy, circumcised member to Hans but it turned out to be Nico's. Although the last to present himself could only have been Hans, by process of elimination, he was allowed to have his turn and she gave his small, thick penis a good, long sucking before triumphantly announcing his name to loud applause.


'Well done, Milly. Now we shall remove the blindfold,' Georgie said.


She blinked when the scarf was removed from her eyes and the first person she saw was Georgie, standing beside the table with a camera on a tripod.


'Oh no!' she gasped. 'You weren't taking photographs all the time?'


Everyone fell around laughing as Milly understood the trick that had been played on her. But was glad enough to join in the joke as it was all very good-humoured. And, besides, how could she object to such photographs since they were the sole raison d'être her being there?




-- an excerpt from "The Actress" by Vivienne LaFay



Nice!!! :thumbsupsmiley:

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'I've been wondering . . . about this lap dancing.'


'Yes?' Ahmed's mouth was very near hers now, making her feel quite dizzy.


She pulled away from him a little. 'I thought I might try it. Only I don't know exactly what to do. I've watched the other girls, but I'm still nervous of doing it myself.'


'Would you like to practise?'


Louise felt a dark thrill pass through her. 'What, now? On you?'


He laughed. 'Why not? I don't see who else you've got to practise on.'


'Well I don't know . . .'


'There's nothing to it, honestly. You've already danced for me, anyway.' He got up and went over to the hi-fi system, selecting a CD. When he turned round his gaze was intensely compelling. 'Dance, little lady! Let go of your inhibitions and dance for me as if I were a client. Then you will come and sit on my lap and continue dancing!'


Slowly Louise rose from the couch and kicked off her shoes. It felt strange dancing in her clothes and soon she was stripping to her underwear. Her head felt muzzy and her nipples and clitoris were tingling inside her silky bra and drawers as she kept looking into Ahmed's black, knowing eyes. He crooned his approval now and then, keeping her morale up. Not that she really needed it. Dancing for him made her feel deliciously seductive and womanly.


At last, when she was wearing only her tiny silk pants, he beckoned her towards him. She noticed that he had taken off his slippers and socks. She slid onto his lap and he whispered, 'Now put your feet on the floor and slide up and down my thigh.' As soon as she did so he gave a groan. 'I think we'll make this a "feely" shall we?' Without waiting for her reply his hands cupped her breasts, making her moan with arousal. The friction of his rough trousers on the delicate swelling bud of her clitoris was most titillating, and Louise found that she could alter the pace and angle of her movements at will, rising and falling as well as moving forwards and backwards.


Suddenly she ground her mons hard against his crotch and heard Ahmed groan again. His mouth fastened on one of her nipples, making her shudder. Locked into an ascending spiral of excitement Louise turned around and waggled her bum against the bulge of his fly, where his cock was evidently straining towards a climax too. His hands seized her breasts and his mouth gave a soft nip to her neck, making her squirm with ecstasy and throw her head back against his shoulder.'That's the way!' she heard him whisper. 'Now we're cooking, no holds barred!'


It was only when his expert fingers found her clitoris that Louise realised the full potential of the new position. Her efforts became more frenzied as her own libido increased in leaps and bounds, taking her near the limit of her endurance. Between the twin cushions of her buttocks she could feel the hard prominence of his penis, now thrusting against her, and she had a definite urge to make him come. His nails were scratching delicately at her nipples while his thumb worked her clitoris in firm circles, increasing the erotic tension to fever pitch.


'I thought I was the one who was supposed to be doing all the work?' she said, gasping as she turned to grin at him.


'You're doing fine, just keep going,' he replied, in a guttural tone.


But she wanted closer contact with that secret weapon he held concealed in his trousers. Feeling it through his clothes was no longer enough, she wanted to see it, touch it, taste it. Abandoning all her remaining reserve she hopped off his knee and knelt before him, her erogenous areas still throbbing with active life, and went to undo his zip.


'You must charge more for this, you know,' he grinned down at her.


She returned his gaze, saucily. 'Well, are you willing to pay?'


'Oh yes! Name your price, little lady!'


'A hundred?'




Wondering if perhaps she could have asked for more, Louise slid the zipper down and proceeded to extricate the short, thick shaft from his underwear. It was very thick, too. She encircled its base with her thumb and forefinger, then bent her lips to the glossy pink glans. Ahmed's fingers continued to play with her breasts as she knelt there and soon she managed to manoeuvre herself onto his naked foot, where his big toe first played very dextrously with her clitoris and then managed to find its way right inside her.


As she proceeded towards a climax, with that wicked toe alternately invading her and rubbing her love-nub, Louise's enthusiasm for the act of fellatio grew. Soon she was sucking and swallowing at the shaft while she licked back and forth across the glans, her fingers cupping his balls within his pants. She felt them tighten and knew that he was on the brink of orgasm. A few last movements of her lips and tongue made him come, spurting wildly, and the sensation of his hot convulsions triggered her into similar excesses.


The sole of Ahmed's foot was stuck firmly between her thighs, his toes rapidly clenching and unclenching which was producing the most exquisite stimulation for Louise's pussy and rocketing her into one of the most prolonged and intense orgasms she'd ever experienced.


'Oh God!' she moaned gruffly, as the bliss went on and on. She was dimly aware of Ahmed collapsing onto the sofa and his foot removing itself from her crotch, but that didn't stop the amazing waves of sheer ecstasy. She wallowed in them, forgetting everything in her self-abandon, until the tide began to diminish and she became more aware of her surroundings in general, and Ahmed in particular.


Scrambling up beside him on the sofa Louise curled up with her head against his chest, pulling open the buttons of his shirt so that she could feel the warm, hairy flesh beneath. His arm encircled her and she could feel his breathing slowing, becoming more regular. A deep and drowsy satisfaction filled her veins.




-- an excerpt from "Sisters Under the Skin" by Vanessa Davies




Erotic Lit turns me on more than porn. :D Good thing boyfie and I are widereaders. :D

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Some like it wet,

Some like it dry,

Some like it soft,

Some like it hard,

To some it’s just a few hours of fun,

For some it’s the true bonding,

Some like it with a group,

Manage a trios?

Hand Job,

Hard on,

Hug me,

Kiss you,

f#&k her,



Condoms and Rubbers,

Doctor’s and mothers,

Lust and Foreplay,

Let it go away.

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now the whole world belongs to us

even time, we cannot let it pass

feeling each other's warmth, we kissed

wrapped in nothingness, we missed..


set ablaze in this erotic bliss

each deep breath, ever a moment's peace

with every thrust comes your every moan

simply madness, in pure flesh and bone..


twice i had brought you to utopia

a deserved price, for dying in this euphoria

then desire rekindles the flames as before

bodies exhausted, our souls yearn for more..

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I lay her down & spread her out on my bed.

I tell her I want to relieve her stress & help her rest her head.

I run my fingers through her hair & I kissed her lips,

I take away the tension by playing with her and what's below her hips.

As her legs are up high in the air,

She feels like she has no worries or cares.

I played her so hard she let out a slight yell,

& she wonders if something this good will put her in hell.

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As you enter you say I cannot touch.

Naked with your hands and mouth all over me.

Wanting to touch you has never been this much.

I am in ectasy from what I feel and see.

Our passion consumes us making it hard to restrain.

My head is filling with fantasies for us to do.

I am overwhelmed and my resistance is pain.

Our lips now meet as I expose you too.

I worship your body and cannot get enough.

We come closer with a connection thats true.

I realize why you did this even though it was tough.

You made me want you more than I have ever wanted you.

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here are some that i've read:


* choke - chuck palahniuk

about a sex addict med-school dropout ...kakatuwang basahin si chuck palahniuk...funny and sometimes nakaka-gross out siya .. a really weird combination especially when you're reading about some character's sexual adventures...yung main character ng story (victor mancini) attends sex addicts anonymous meetings to pick up fellow sex addicts (very clever)....


*naked lunch - william burroughs

actually di ko talaga binasa ito nang buo, yung mga "interesting parts" lang...so hindi ko talaga alam kung tungkol saan sia. :D

basta the main character is recovered addict (ata) tapos he narrates all these drug addiction, withdrawal experiences that he had... and then of course, there's lot of sex yun nga lang mga bangag lahat ng characters dito saka mostly between males...


*tropic of capricorn - henry miller

ay naku, eto, sandamukal ang sex, kahit anong page buksan mo meron...exaggerating lang...:) hindi ko rin siya binasa ng buo ...the whole novel is like a monologue...dont know kung autobiographical ba to or parang ganun kasi henry din ang pangalan ng narrator...ayun, sex addict rin siya (bakit ba maraming sex addict sa mundo)


*crash - j.g ballard ("I would still like to think that Crash is the first pornographic novel based on technology").

this one i read the whole novel kasi maiksi lang siya...yung main character (na parang ibinase na naman ata ng author sa sarili niya) ay may fetish about having sex with car crash victims and in cars that have been involved in accidents...

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