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If Only.... Mga What Ifs ng Buhay Natin...

Guest simply_miss

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Guest simply_miss

Often times we live our life hoping and wishing that we could go back in time and do things differently... if that is possible.. what part of your relationship would you change... or would you change anything ??


Sometimes were reduce to wishing for things we cant reach.. but somehow these wishes gives us a flicker of hope to hold on...



Feel free to share your thoughts about this :)

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Hmmm... interesting simply miss.


The age old question of fate versus choice, the shoulda-woulda-coulda of life.


This question also pose the question of happiness: should a person be content with what he/she has,

or should he/she agitate the missing needs just to satisfy it?


Puwede ring science fiction ang dating: would the time travel of going back to affect the future,

or will the same set of beginning always end up in the same ending?


This question is like a prism: everytime you held it against a light, the colors changes...


Interesting indeed, simply miss :)

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Guest simply_miss

Thanks dreamflow


Honestly, there are a lot of WHAT IF's in our lives .... basically maybe because people can't be contented on what they have or perhaps because of a Wrong decision that was made.


But as they said, who we are is a product of our choice...

Some may think because it's destiny.


But no matter what we believe in.. there are still certain things in our lives that we wished it could have been differently....


This thought of IF ONLY ... could be simple but it's one of the saddest word ever if you come to think of it






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Guest simply_miss

-If only I could tell him the truth before he gets hurt or feel used


- If only I could have the visa then I would like to leave the country now to be away from people who hurt me the most and to earn good income for my family


- If only I can he waited..then it could have been officially US long time ago....

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we all make mistakes in our lives, our decisions each and every one of them is flawed by our human nature....so naturally we often view our decisions as mistakes when things go terribly bad and we start to regret what we were doing or not doing...but the truth is your world will not change with a simple decision that you make....yours is just one out of so many factors that shape our lives...the repercussions of each and every persons decision in this world affects all of us...not directly but they do in some sort of way...we have to bear in mind that life is not about you or me...it's much more complicated....things happen as a result of many different actions...most of them we are unaware of...so always remember to stick up to yourself and your decisions....have faith that no matter how wrong things may have turned out...you made your choices thinking they were right at that moment in time...... :)

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Guest simply_miss
If only I was born rich instead of goodlooking.  nyahahahahaha  :lol:



Nice one occam!

:cool: :lol:




Para di OT :


If only I could spend one whole day with YOU... go back to the places where we used to go and have a chance to tell you how much I miss YOU... esp. in times like this in my life....



If only I could have eat all you can at saisaki, i would, kaso baka tumaba na naman ako :P

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SANA dalawa ang puso ko. :blush:


Parang kailan lang, buhay ko'y walang gulo

May minamahal at minamahal ako

Nang makilala ka, buhay ko'y biglang nagbago

Ako'y nagtataka, puso ko'y litung-lito


Bakit nga kaya iisa ang puso natin

Hindi naman natin maaring hatiin


Sana dalawa ang puso ko

Hindi na sana nalilito kung sino sa inyo

Sana dalawa ang puso ko

Hindi na sana kailangan pang pumili sa inyo


Para bang tukso na 'di ko kayang matalo

Isip ko'y lito, walang mapili sa inyo

Sabi nga nila, 'di maaring magpantay

Pag-ibig sa dal'wa; kaya tanong ko lagi ay


Ngunit kung isa sa inyo'y mawala

'Di makakaya ang hirap na madarama

Kahit alam ko na darating din ang araw

Na pipili ako kung siya na nga o kung ikaw


Sana dalawa ang puso ko

Hindi na kailangang pumili pa sa inyo

Oh, sana

Hindi na kailangang pumili pa sa inyo

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Although I'm completely over, I just wish that I could fix whatever there is to fix with my recent ex. I wish that I could've sacrifice a bit more for her and be with her. I also wish that I should not have gotten mad or being rejectful to the idea of her studying in UP Baguio. s**t! That was the cause of our breakup last year although we got back together but eventually broke up a month after.


Nevertheless, I'm happy with what I have with me right now, that is being single. Happy? Yeah, I am.

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