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Alchemist...paulo Coelho

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kakabasa ko lang nito recently, I've heard of it

before maganda nga 'raw. So when a friend of mine

lend it to me e 'di binasa ko.


Siguro If I've read it when I was younger, instead of

"Illussions", baka ito naging "best book" of all time ko.

..but then again baka hindi rin..


depende siguro sa time na binasa ko yung book.


like.. lets say at a point in time i need to find out what

a word means, at that point the best book is a dictioanary

and not an atlas.



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I think that I've learned a lot from this book... (The Alchemist) in any case, I will be

contemplating it for a long time, and will probably read it over and over and over....hahahahaha.

what a GREAT story! :thumbsupsmiley:

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Guest Inquisitive

In the book's (The Alchemist) simplicity, one can derive that its message is profound. Only a gifted writer can do that without getting lost in loquacios prose and verbose compositions. It is truly a great book.

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actually i've heard alot of compliments about "The Alchemist" from friends but never really paid attention to it...maybe because i was still busy with another book...it was just late last year that i've decided to have my own copy...i dont know what convinced me to read it but it was a decision i'll never regret...


a very nice one indeed!!! :thumbsupsmiley:

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I agree.. trully inspiring... It's beauty is in its simplicity, like the Little Prince... I've been contemplating for maybe 2 or 3 years now bout the lesson I learned from this book... so far, la pa rin hehe... any life changing experience from anybody? :)

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