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  1. Zotac 2060. Warranty not good. Chinese brand that's why. Took eons to get back. Wala din nangyari. Di man lang sinabi kung ano ginawa. Night and day compared to companies like corsair. Applied for warranty despite losing the or. They just ask for pics of SN and everything was sorted out
  2. BBM, employing trolls to conduct propaganda and revisionist history. To the resident troll, don't bother to quote. I'll just ignore any paid hack 🤪
  3. No point discussing with you. Looking at your recent posts. It's clear as day your agenda is to further the dictator's son candidacy. That is a fact. Keep fooling yourself 🤪
  4. ICC is waving at you. Lintik lang walang ganti. Isa kang salot
  5. Please run. Manchurian candidate yang si isko ng tsink
  6. Ang daming fake site si marcos sa yt. Daming panggastos ah.
  7. So ano gagawin ngayon. Tikom na lang bibig? Hayaan na lang.dear troll mag bago na kayo.
  8. Nang aano ka ha. Damuhong matanda ka ha 🤪
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