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  1. Guilty pleasure of mine. I get the thought behind the brothers but It’s kind of cringe when you realize little to no follow up is done for some cases after the strong manning. Make me wonder if it actually helps the other side when it comes to the courts
  2. Ever had classmates who were so into cars in hs? I’d bet 90% of them got into mlm at some point. That was the case with my batch 😂
  3. How was everyone’s bloody weekend? Luckily sold good amount of my cryptos to usdt beforehand and didn’t buy any yet before the dip so now got fingers in a few alts
  4. Christmas season didn’t stop the barrage of politics on my social feeds. What I did notice consistent though is the fact that my friends, partners or acquaintances in circles of different sides either simply share, short to the point comments or not at all while those far from any action are the ones doing mental gymnastics theories with paragraphs of posts and comments
  5. Shopify is the usual standard. Of course DYOR but as far as I know with my contacts, drop shipping is not as big as it was before and might be a bit late to start now. goodluck if ever!
  6. as the others have mentioned, yes. best time was at the height march-may 2020 but now is a dip that is a good buy imo *your capital at risk. not advise disclaimer haha*
  7. The breaking down of barriers has pros and cons. Like remember how foreign investing was for the regular rank and file worker but it's now easier to have a second job trading assets online I remember tweeting years ago that twitter made everyone think they can be comedian. Now, the same clowns are the type to think they're political historians without reading a credible source and couch sports analysts without getting in the ring/court
  8. Also don't think she is a scammer unless may feedback or proof yung others sa forum but important to know the risk. I think 4% monthly is very possible for an active trader. I think what flags everyone is the guaranteed return. Even conservative instruments have capital risk warnings. 2 cents. Happy investing all
  9. Very late take and not even mine to reply but FYI also for others curious here, once you get VAT registered you are more likely among the regular business that these BIR sharks will extort yearly. Now some might say something like just pay taxes right etc. Spare me that bs. among several businesses and even same exp of my friends, whether you're right or wrong, they will look to take from you and your team. Whether it's conveniently disallowing expenses or losing their copies etc. There's a reason why here is one of the worst places to do business despite having so many business minded people
  10. Well for the poster, I do think those results are possible with traders basta tutok but do you trust them enough to give and hold?
  11. Diversify.*not financial advise* but personally I'd do this if I was given 200k randomly and I don't have prior investments 20% REIT, 30% Tech stocks (I'm very high on this sector), 20% Crypto (relatively stable like BTC), 10% Yolo Coins (meme coins and the like), 10% NFTs (avoid marketplace and try to find good projects pre launch), 10% Utilities and other stock (you may also switch this out with a stable low risk type of investment from index to even time deposit of newer digital banks that give a good rate)
  12. as mentioned by another in this group, mostly scam. avoid avoid avoid. They would actually dump a few hours before telling the rest of the group. Any group made in bad faith to scam others will always be questionable to join and will just end up scamming their own members
  13. Haven't got to thanks to covid restrictions. Hope I didn't lose too much progress
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