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  1. Nice. First experience ko was Wicked. Galing!!!
  2. I miss Bacolod. Calea cakes, chicken insal, and Aboys.
  3. Agree. Aidas chicken is the best. With vinegar, soy sauce, chili and calamansi. Chicken oil on garlic rice. I'm getting hungry. hehe
  4. Miss travelling. Kahit sa Pilipinas lang muna oks na.
  5. Where located? A friend also said something positive about it but it just in passing at hindi ko natanong kung saan.
  6. You need a lot of cash reserves if you want to enjoy New York for a longer period.
  7. Physical appearance is subjective and subject to standards prevailing in a particular culture. Of course physical appearance at first has a major impact but over the long term women will become attracted to other things that not so good physical appearance over time seems bearable.
  8. Pearl Farm. Worth the price of admission.
  9. Nasugbu Batangas is very close. A few hours drive lang. Vaccine required kaya?
  10. I agree. Same also with the owners and the community within the area. They must value sustainable operation versus immediate big profit. Look what happened to Palawan's cave rivers.
  11. Kahit galing Bacolod you need swab test. Hassle
  12. Travelling mostly within the country. Since the pandemic I hanggang Manila lang for work. Would love to travel more after pandemic.
  13. This is for nature lovers. You can have the best of both worlds. The mountain and the sea.
  14. Their Chalet is also nice.
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