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  1. Nier replicant. Probably has the best soundtrack in a game.
  2. Audio Technica M40x Philips 9500 Superlux HD681 Tin HiFi T2 Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250 HiFiMan HE400se Inernational Edition Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd Coming soon: Beyerdynamic DT900 Pro X Sennheiser HD560 Of these, my favorites are the M40x and DT990
  3. I really don't remember. Nasagasaan ko lang on a search for some "interesting" stuff online.
  4. Sapphire rx 580 Nitro Special Edition Sapphire Rx 5600 XT.
  5. Vaccine taken:Astra Zeneca Side effects:Flu, body pain, headache How long it lasted: 2 days How it was treated: pahinga lang. I only had side effects from the first shot. Some people I know got side effects from the second shot instead.
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