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  1. I kinda do this after a hiphop class.....i go home....head to my room....play a sean paul track....and practice whatever dance steps i may have learned for the day. Before enrolling in a dance class....whenever no one is watching....and it happens that there's a mirror in front of me.....and suddenly i hear a beat....boom....i dance by myself.... My question is .....Do you or Have you dance by yourselves?
  2. Who do you think are the losers in this world?
  3. I finally stopped drinking .......am i the only one here?
  4. Anong gagawin mo pag nakita mong nakahubad si user above you?
  5. Walking around naked? In your house? Outdoors? while relaxing? doing household chores? swimming? drinking beer? Have you tried it?
  6. Sino-sino ang bwisit na bwisit ka maglaro?
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