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  1. Women go down on looks if he is a provider, leader and confident. Women want security before looks. Gwapo ka nga nag hihirap nmn kayo iiwan ka din ng babae.
  2. A man who is lazy with no purpose. A woman who can't keep a man.
  3. Sa guys i can say na don't rush because what makes us attractive takes time to acquire like it or not we are love by what we provide. Saka we dont have a time limit as long we have the means we can get the caliber of woman we can afford. Wag papasok sa pagaasawa ng hindi pa stable financially di kaya isalba ng pagmamahalan ang kumakalam na sikmura.
  4. Yes I like the matured look also. When i watched porn I only search for milfs now a days. But in real life I still preffer women in their 20s and early 30s.
  5. I don't ask because medyo matanda nadin I just assumed na di na virgin magiging gf or nililigawan ko.
  6. Men don't cheat we exercise option. Because no woman can satisfy a man insatiable hunger for sex. Men don't show loyalty and love through sexual exclusivity we show it by providing ,commiting (marrying you), and potentially giving our lives to protect you from danger.
  7. For me as a guy if I have a option I will always go with younger woman whether I'm 30 up to my 50's I will always pick younger woman in their late 20's and early 30's as long a we provide what we want from each other.
  8. For a female her sexual past is very important for a guy to seriously consider her as a wife material. Because we as males are very teritorial with our woman. And deep inside women know this that's why woman lie down and men lie up on their body count when asked. And tip for the ladies here don't tell your boyfriend or husband your body count because any number is too high for us. hahahaha.
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