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  1. Yup, cool lng po tayo. @ichiromiyata98 thank you for your shared knowledge but please tone down a bit.
  2. Tinatake ko ung sakin. Pero small amount lng din kasi ung shares ko. Hoping na makakarecover sila eventually.
  3. Tataas pa ulit ung price this year. TY2022 excise tax increase kicks off na.
  4. Popular, strong personality and attractive. Hahaha…but Libra when it comes to strong personality has much more impact though they tend not to show it. Just sayin 😅 Pisces here
  5. yutsugi678


    Help!!! Di ko makita ung andromeda galaxy sa Makati hahahaha pero ung orion nebula kahit papano nakikita pa. 76700mm
  6. Ung Malacanang matagal ng nakatayo un during Colonial times ba right? Hindi si Former President Marcos ung nagpagawa nun.
  7. I think the omicron variant will greatly affect the value of stocks? In case affected nga, I think its better to buy the CREIT after the IPO since it might dip below ₱1 pa. What do you think po?
  8. Does anyone here selling a telescope preferably newtonian type with 8” and above? Thanks!!
  9. Yes po, mandated ng Corp code na fixed rate or price ung sa preferred shares.
  10. M28 looking for that F special someone 😊 Would you care for coffee? Pero definitely tahimik haha ganun ba talaga pag pisces?
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