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  1. for those who are playing or have PSP's, what's the size of your memory card? kaya ba ng PSP ang 64Gb and higher?
  2. funko pop The Big Bang Theory and Ferrari cars from Shell way back..
  3. Nokia 3210, 8250, 6150, 7110 Sony Ericsson K750i iPhone 5s, 6s Plus, SE 2020 Asus Zenfone Samsung Galaxy A7 2018
  4. yes... appears on the Professional Regulation Commission list... sa mga social media sites also...
  5. joined MTC way back 2005. then one of my friends was a member too. siya ang kasama ko nun mga una EB's na na-attnedan ko. I think sa isa bar sa Timog, forgot the name. Then may event din kami napuntahan sa Libis where Asia Agcaoili was the host. That was vivid memory.. tapos yung mga group forums na meron kapupulutan, like yung download galore. sa MTC ko din nakukuha yung mga ebooks at digital magazines. Some members would put the links to those books. may mga forums din na makakakuha ka ng tips like sa mga MP's, Spa's and famous KTV's. dito din ako nakuha ng reviews kung ok ba ang mga establishments na ito. Some MTC GMs will give their one cent of advice. Miss those forums..
  6. Reading open forums from the MP’s to the Spa’s to the Night clubs that me and my friends went to. I also use this to get some comics, magazines and ebooks. But now its gone
  7. I’m back!! Its been a while…

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