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  1. Hey guys. Ive taken on a new hobby. Im road biking. Ive decided to do this as part of my lifestyle meaning, i bike to work. I live in Merville, I work in the Makati area. It takes me a good 40 minute relaxed trip to makati. This isnt so bad because on a given traffic day, this is still the amount of time id spend to get to work. Downside, you need to find a good bathroom with showers and you have to bring your clothes to work. but on the upside, it relieves you from work stress... how? After a bad day of work, no matter what your problems are, YOU STILL HAVE TO BIKE GOING HOME!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHa... eh biking to work or going home is always a life and death situation given the traffic situation and habits of the Philippines... so, it feels very liberating. Anyways, my goal is 40 pounds in 4 months... im down 7 pounds since the start of march... Started off at 215 pounds. will finish at 180. Im about 5'9. Included in my workout is going to the gym... I still believe that NOTHING makes you eat or consume more calories compared to Gym work... because with the correct fitness training, you even burn when yer resting... I still have my work out on bill star's 5x5 program that was introduced to me by Olympus, from here on the threads. anyways, ill keep you guys posted on whatever progress i have on a weekly basis... most likely during my weigh ins... are there any other people out there like me? hope so...
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