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  1. Apex Mobile - perfect for those quick breaks in-between
  2. Any motel in QC near trinoma with drive-in motel room?
  3. Possible din na sa Orchard Towers to. May bar sa lower floors na puro Pinay.
  4. I don't think this is necessarily true. Singaporeans are also primarily of southeast chinese stock, in general flatter nose and darker skin. Filipinas, ones with mixed blood, look better.
  5. Promos po Ms. Sky?

  6. Hi Aiko hope u remembered me from last week sa Daiya. Sabi ko na bibisita ako kahit sa Makati ka na ulit.

  7. Hi Nami please pm me your promos ty

  8. Hi Diamond! Pls pm me your viber no. ty!!

  9. Hi Angel! Pls pm me your viber no. Ty!!

  10. Si Summer po to from Daiya?

  11. Hi bambie! Saan ka na?

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