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  1. Pfizer - pain on injected area linger for few days but that's it. Overall wala naman talaga sya side effects
  2. coolet09


    Anyone tried armored komodo waterbased acrylic by handbrushing? Do you need to prime muna? And use retarder sa paint before applying the main color?
  3. Dude for my old and gas hungry but still reliable forde escape. Brownie for my new Terra
  4. 2020 Terra owner here. Malamig nga talaga a/c ng mga nissan units.🙂
  5. Basketball during teenage years. Into biking now
  6. Done that bro 😂. Puro tulak inabot sa revpal hehehe. After tulak sindi ng vitamin cig 😁. Kidding aside, struggling here to quit. A friend told me jusr do it instantly as it works to majority of quitters
  7. Pfizer. Experienced heavy feelings on the injected area but nothing else.
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