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  1. Good Day Guys, I was caught in heavy traffic last night going to office near Mall Of Asia due to the ongoing Pyro-technics display competition. Later on tonight there will be another one so refrain from going to this area. Every saturday night around 12 midnight, refrain from crossing sucat highway in front of AirForce1 because it's El Shaddai's day. I think the 3rd Sunday of January is Feast of Sto. NiƱo, so Imelda Ave which is the road connecting to Sucat Road will be close as well. Please take alternate routes. Wednesday is Baclaran day. Friday is Quiapo Day. Guys, can you give up-to-date info that you know to warn other motorists and commuters of places that will have dispruptions in traffic.
  2. gudday guys n gals, i am an adobo freak :boo: i believe we have more than a dozen different ways to cook adobo. some are dry, some are masabaw, some adobo use vinegar only some soy sauce lang. how about in your family? how do you cook your adobo? :thumbsupsmiley:
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