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  1. Can you recommend restaurants that stay open 24 hours a day? There are times when I'm craving for food at 3 in the morning and I've already tried all the offerings of Chow King. from KIDYOT214: guys since I'm working on call center eh me & my petiks officemates are always craving for something.... could you post some resto's that has late night deliveries. not necessarily 24hrs, khet mga up to 1-3am lang. thanks! here's my contri.... DAVID's TEA HOUSE Greenhills branch minimum required purchase is Php150 delivery time is from 10am-2am daily Tel# 722-1971
  2. If you were stranded on an island and you could onlyhave 3 Beatle songs in your CD player, what would these songs be? My choices would be: 1. "Yesterday" 2. "Eleanor Rigby" 3. "Let It Be"
  3. What sauce or sawsawan must you always have on your dining table whether you're eating out or dining in? Patis, vinegar, catsup, toyo, tabasco, lechon sauce, barbecue sauce?
  4. English and Tagalog words accepted. I'll start with A as in Adorable
  5. Go through the alphabet and list the names of actors and actresses, local or foreign based on their FAMILY, I repeat, FAMILY. names. Let's skip the letters X and Z kasi konti lang yan. I'll start. Arevalo, Robert
  6. What was your first regular paying job? How much did you get and what did you do with your first paycheck? (Didn't know where else to post this topic)
  7. Brand names of consumer products, or things that we use in everyday life. Give the brand name and the type of product. We go through the alphabet starting with the letter A: Alaska evaporated milk
  8. Not too many people like veggies. Is it because we were forced to eat them when we were kids? Yet, nutrionists and medical practitioners agree that veggies should be an essential part of a healthy diet. How do you feel about vegetables? Do you feel the same way about broccoli as you do about a T-bone steak or roast chicken? What are your favorites, if any? Are there vegetables that you absolutely will not eat? Finally, can you recommend a nice salad bar aside from the one in Wendy's?
  9. I like Selecta's choco nut which tastes like the good old chocnut that Lea Salonga sings about. If you want sosyal chocnut flavor, go to Uva's at Greenbelt 3 where a gallon will set you back P 800. It's also available by the cup. Sa imported brands, I drool over Haagen Dazs Tiramisu. I don't know if Ben and Jerry's is available locally but I like all their flavors.
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