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  1. Travel to Japan is already allowed for "SPECIAL PASSPORT" Holders, however issuance of VISA for regular passports holders are still on hold except for seafarers who are allowed entry to Japan to board their vessels. Entering Japan at the moment is quite difficult even due to its very strict border control requirement and process which DO NOT EXEMPT even those holding DIPLO Visa. When I entered Japan Mid of 2020, I was required to present a NEGATIVE RTPCR result taken not more than 72 hours before the flight. I was also required to submit the details of the PRIVATE Vehicle that I will be using from the Entry Port to the accredited quarantine facility or hotel/residence. Upon disembarkation from the Airplane we need to go through a process that includes an RTPCR Testing where we waited for about 3 hours for the results. Once you get the NEGATIVE result that's the only time that we were allowed to proceed to the Immigration Counters and finally the Custom Area and the exit. At the Exit Area another Border Control Officer will assist you to your service vehicle. The Border Control Officer will then check the details of the vehicle against the one you submitted to the Japanese Embassy before your visa was released. Even with a NEGATIVE RTPCR result, I was required to be quaratined for 14 days in the hotel i selected among the accredited/designated quaranting area. I was allowed to checked out from the hotel on the 15th day. The whole process is not really FAVORABLE/ADVISABLE for TOURIST as you would be spending a lot of time in the hotel and money of course for the quarantine requirement. The quarantine alone cost my employer about PhP200K for the hotel and 3 meals a day.
  2. this should be part of the requirement for graduation, Sa South Korea and Singapore nga ang requirement ay 2 years mandatory military service. I could still remember noon college ako kasama ako sa MP Platoon and in one occasion after dismissal biglang dumating mga barkada ko may dalang sasakyan at sumama na lang kaming magkakaibigan na naka ROTC uniform pa di namin alam kung saan ang lakad, yung pala aattend kami sa kanduli (muslim feast) sa isang MILF rebel camp. buti na lang kasama kong naka uniform ng ROTC and isang barkada ko na brother ng commander ng group. Yung kaibigan kong yun ay Minister of Labor ngayon ng BARMM.
  3. @Lexi of TVSayaw ko matulog kung katabi ka, gusto ko gising the whole time na kasama ka. Hehehe
  4. I personally know Jessie and Leni's financier who were their "Alaga" and favorite jueteng financiers before Atong Ang came into picture. I also know the drop off points of the payola. Another Senator who's also is very much into "papogi" effect is also being financed by the same guy. Fact is the of the Finacier's daughter is one of the active smugglers in Subic Bay Port and is protected by the nephew of this Senator who happens to hold a high position in the BOC. Clue the BOC Assistance Commissioner has been named in several BOC cases from the time of Erap and still in the commission despite several contriversies and scandals. He's an Ex Cadet who was expelled from the Academy way back in 1987. The financier is from the North Eastern Luzon. Got a chance to do a business meeting this Financier to discuss a bank Letter of Credit for his importation business but unfortunately the bank disapproved the loan because of the negative findings.
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