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  1. I love my job. Stressful at times and the pay can be better but it is not an issue with me since atmosphere/environment at work is good. The people there are great to work and interact with unlike the ones from my previous companies.
  2. It means she has experience in bed. Alam nya na ang gagawin. Also, she will be more receptive if the partner wants to have sex compared to a gf who is a virgin.
  3. We have sex either for procreation or for pleasure. Sex workers meet the need of peoplle who wants to have sex without any strings attached. It is also convenient for the client/sex buyer since it allows them to have sex without too much time to invest with the other person to have an emotional connection.
  4. I have a reservation with a pretty therapist today but got cancelled due to an emergency. I had it booked last week and was really looking forward to it.
  5. Sharon stone in Basic instinct, total recall and the one with Stallone
  6. Marvel movies ard better, but DC's tv shows and animated movies are better.
  7. Namumuti at numinipis ang buhok at tumataas ang hairline
  8. Dumb and Dumber Dodgeball Liar Liar The Birdcage Deuce Bigolow Home Alone
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