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  1. Cool Water by Davidoff Eternity by CK
  2. It is both important. But It should be love is the reason why you want to be with your partner. Then with love comes sex with good sex life you can make your love stronger and keep your relationship stronger.
  3. sa akin it does not matter. what matter is that she is with me right now. pero sometimes i would ask her not to judge her but to know what she is open to what we can do in bed.
  4. Done office romance, we have this girl whose our client and she is an IT. Crush sya ng buong office namen and i was new with the company. Naglakas loob ako imessage sya sa Friendster that time. Then 2 days later naging chismis na daw ako kasi she started asking kung sino daw ako na nag message sa kanya. Then of my close colleague intreduce me to her. Then is ask her for some coffee. Then since that coffee after few days naging kame na. Nad its sarted a rumor again in the office where in all the men is jelouse of me cause she got to be my girlfreind and medyo show off kme kasi even in the office we are kisssing and she is always holding my hands and holding in my arms. Feeling sobrang gwapo ko those times.
  5. To know that you made a wrong decision
  6. What if i concentrated in career first then second na lang ang love
  7. Any recommendations around pasig area car rental?
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