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  1. Hello po! Nagtatanong na naman po ulit. May titled lot po na binili ko pero part lang. 1000 sq. meters po ang lot 300 sqm lang binili ko. Individual lang po ang seller hindi corporation. Valid po ba ang sale? Wala po kasing license to sell ang binilhan ko sa hlurb.
  2. They can but when it comes to neurosyphilis although vene has the specialty kasi STD yan but I think the findings of a neurologist would suffice. Penicillin G the treatment for neurosyphilis has a wide variety of adverse effects that does not warrant a treatment without diagnosis. Mas better if there is a definite diagnosis than undergoing such treatment. Do you suffer from another CNS symptoms like mood swings? personality changes?
  3. It could mean many things have yourself tested within two months from contact, in the meantime keep yourself clean, wala munang love making sa ibang partner abstain muna for reliable result then pag nagnegative repeat mo a month after or 3 months from contact. Reliable if HIV ang pinag-uusapan. Kaya mo pala sila pinapahamak eh noh? post ka nang post sa mga spa at mp threads tapos post ka naman dito na nagkakaproblema ka. Galing mo.
  4. ^ I doubt if there are available in the markets, sa health centers merong rapid test kits. They are reliable as long as the test is taken within the window period 3-6 months from exposure.
  5. ^ pa full workup ka na lang. Di mo sinabing may rash at sore ka. God forbid baka nagprogress. Whenever may rash sa tip ng penis pakonsulta mo within the window period. Ang tagal na ng history mo. Delikado yan for those in contact sa mga sores mo like yung misis mo.
  6. Not necessarily, what I mean is pagnaglate stage na hindi na siya madedetect ng blood test possible time frame for late stage could occur as early as 2 years. Hindi na yan magiging present sa blood kasi umakyat na ang infection sa utak sa ganyang stage. There is this thing that we call blood brain barrier. Yung sinasabi mong FTA na lifetime is CSF FTA Yun meaning cerebrospinal fluid. I think it is too early for you to conclude na may syphilis ka based only sa symptom na neuropathy. I suggest you open this up sa doctor mo but the chances of you getting one is so slim in this day and age. There are several diseases that are on the differential before reaching syphilis in your case. May I know kung bakit nagconclude ka na infected yung babae? Next time magpatest ka regularly, kung active ka every three months kung medyo lang 6months. The point is regular testing whenever you had unprotected sex. Relax brought up mo lang yan sa doctor mo. So far I don't see a situation that would warrant an administration of penicillin G.
  7. Medyo tricky ang test for syphilis, it must be within the window period which is 3months from contact although may iba na gumagamit pa rin sa 6months as the window period. If you test too early the chance of a false negative is high kasi it takes time for seroconversion to occur and it takes time to form antibodies na hinahanap ng test mo. Test a little late pwede ring hindi na madetect like in cases of neurosyphilis.
  8. ^ unlikely kahit na may regurgitation if may numbness typically ang cause is some adverse reaction sa mga gamot also nasuri na ka ng cardio mo if may problem dun malamang nakuha na. Yes better see your neuro but if I may mas mabuti kung internal medicine ka muna before going to neuro para masuri rin endocrine mo then go from there. Kasi kung statin lang talaga though may reports pero according sa journals very rare ang neuropathy as adverse reaction... baka may underlying undiagnosed condition ka na nagcacause ng neuropathy pero naaamplify lang ang effect dahil sa statin.
  9. Any update kung anong mga documents ang needed para makapunta ng QC from non-luzon province?
  10. ^ di siya typical adverse reaction mostly kasi sa statin gastrointestinal ang typical adverse reaction. may iba ka pa bang tinatake aside sa statin for example sa iyong triglyceride...
  11. Based on the values slight infection lang yan. I think kaya lang ng azithromycin yan. Azith is a broad spectrum antibiotic btw, maraming strains ang pwedeng icover.typical rin ang pus pag may infection yung epithelial cells mo baka may sugat sa loob.
  12. Just go to a doctor di mo magagamit ang knowledge ng viral load, t-cells, c4d, and etc for testing purposes. Go to a doctor request for an STD panel then have your results.
  13. Ang problema sa biopsy is ang paggawa ng slides... But generally, lahat ng hospital with level 3 accreditation is equipped for that
  14. ^ no considering that pneumothorax must be treated urgently the only option is to release the pressure in the lungs by invasive procedure. If you rely on internal medicine on that always remember that drugs do take time to take effect, time that the patient doesn't have besides walang drug na available na kayang magrelease ng hanging sa lungs.
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