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  1. ever since i saw Fatal Frame 1 .. though i haven't finished coz i left my console before i left ... it hooked me up ... the scenario .. the sounds ... and near to reality set up is very good. and the choice of weapon (the Camera Obscura) is what makes this game unique... after playing (and finally finishing) FF 2 - Crimson Butterfly aside from all the PROs ive mentioned .. one more thing that makes me stay late and play is the story line ... FF2 links FF1 enemy YAE ... how they are connected is up to new players to figure out ... FF2 is a sequel according to the real time and a prequel according to the story line .. den comes FF3 Tormented - now the story gets more complicated ... FF1, FF2 and FF3 are all connected through this fine story lines. once again you will find Miku(FF1 heroine) and Mio(FF2 heroine) on this FF3 game... you dont know what i'm talking about? grab your console ang try this game. nwei ... has anyone ever played this game ? .. lolz aside from me ... coz it was never mentioned in any topic i like resident evil and silent hill series ... but the i would go for Fatal Frame as my best survival horror game
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