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  1. Anyone knows kung nasan na si Claire?

  2. ❌ FAKE NEWS: VP Leni said 4 x 40 = 1600 ✅ FACT: It was a spliced video wherein they removed the part where Leni mentioned the assumption that a small family consumes an average of 10 kilos per week. 4 weeks x 10 kilos x 40 pesos. 4 x 10 x 40 = 1600. ❌ FAKE NEWS: VP Leni said "I have three daughters and they’re all girls" ✅ FACT: In a report of Nikko Dizon of Inquirer, this is what she actually said: '...They were all DADDY'S girls.' https://verafiles.org/articles/vera-files-fact-check-netizens-revive-fake-quote-card-attemp Nakakatawang Yoda yung name mo pero di mo ma-distinguish yung fact sa fake news. LOL!
  3. Kat Tolentino, Jovelyn Gonzaga, RAD, Michelle Cobb 🥰😍
  4. Ghost month pala ngayon and a couple of months Halloween na. Sana may mag-share na ng stories nila dito hehe.
  5. 6 years since last penetrative sex. Nakaka-miss rin pala magkaron ng Fubu. 😂
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