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  1. ❌ FAKE NEWS: VP Leni said 4 x 40 = 1600 ✅ FACT: It was a spliced video wherein they removed the part where Leni mentioned the assumption that a small family consumes an average of 10 kilos per week. 4 weeks x 10 kilos x 40 pesos. 4 x 10 x 40 = 1600. ❌ FAKE NEWS: VP Leni said "I have three daughters and they’re all girls" ✅ FACT: In a report of Nikko Dizon of Inquirer, this is what she actually said: '...They were all DADDY'S girls.' https://verafiles.org/articles/vera-files-fact-check-netizens-revive-fake-quote-card-attemp Nakakatawang Yoda yung name mo pero di mo ma-distinguish yung fact sa fake news. LOL!
  2. Kat Tolentino, Jovelyn Gonzaga, RAD, Michelle Cobb 🥰😍
  3. Ghost month pala ngayon and a couple of months Halloween na. Sana may mag-share na ng stories nila dito hehe.
  4. 6 years since last penetrative sex. Nakaka-miss rin pala magkaron ng Fubu. 😂
  5. Ma'am Khaleesi ikaw nag pinaka essential sakin
  6. Hindi ba mas loser ka kung kelangan mo pa gumawa ng troll account para kunwari may kakampi ka sa isang discussion? hahahaha
  7. Feeling high and mighty because he can get "laid for free" daw. That's not bragging rights, that's how you say you're a buraot without actually saying it.
  8. Para sa akin lang ha, if we push this ideology eh dapat it should be fair play on both sides. The thing is, dito sa Pilipinas, we are still living in the notion na pag lalaki yung nag cater ng sex, eh it's viewed as normal whereas kapag babae = immoral. That's why maraming sex establishments cater to men as compared to those who cater to women. If sex is indeed integral to society, then it should be for all gender.
  9. Ohhhhh looks like someone got burned hahahaha
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