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  1. Love, by the time both of you are old, sex no more. Only love stays.
  2. Sa ride Honda. Sa maintenance Toyota.
  3. If it goes well, good. If not, the job will be a torture…
  4. Angie 77 of Utopia Costal days, saan na kaya?
  5. Books for my mind and imaginations Movies for my senses and pleasure I like them both depend on what I need and mood.
  6. Pay is good, no career growth… thats life, pera pera na lang
  7. Used to be with Citibank for more than 20yrs then they start charging me annual fees. let go… hay…
  8. Goggle Home Mesh for the win!
  9. Their promo sounds good… P800++ all in for the voucher round trip na.
  10. Binabalikan ko siya… sana makita ko uli siya dito…
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