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  1. That is cool. Hope it happens for you so you can share pics.
  2. Nice shot zhex. I like snorkeling. When I feel like it I scuba.
  3. Market fluctuation lang yan guys. If you remember last year, BTC went below 30K. I don't think it will breach 20K.
  4. Tagal din nawala nito. I didn't think it will resurface but good thing it did. Today SPY down 1.7%. Bought some SPY to take advantage of the much needed cooling of this hot market.
  5. I just turned 40. Guys or girls of same age or even older please give ideas what to expect and things to do in the 40 something age. What's the good and bad side? Are there any pitfalls to avoid? Any exciting things in store? How did you guys hold up? Please share experiences for benefit of those entering or who are at this milestone age. For those who made it . . . kudos! And thanks in advance.
  6. Too many expenses and bills to pay. Other than regular day-to-day expense like transpo, food, and like, what bills are you taking care of this week? Amount is not necessary.
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