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  1. hello viber me now 💦👅

  2. hello viber me now 👅💦

  3. On 3/30/2022 at 3:04 PM, ajim said:

    FR @Bianca of Berkley

    Big things come in small packages. Massage is ok, we had some unfinished business so we went straight to that and it was great morning session! 👌🏽 
    Bianca has nice racks and nice moves! She is also bubbly and has some interesting stories. 

    for the place. Its nice and discreet. Clean bathroom. Nice bed and pillows. Just follow the instructions and you will be rewarded 👍🏼


    On 4/1/2022 at 8:33 AM, jwynn said:

    Here is my FR for Bianca.

    Was waiting for my ride to pick me up and since I have time to spare, I decided to see if I can schedule a massage. Naghahanap din ako ng pampalipas oras habang naghihintay.

    It was easy booking a sched with Bianca. Kahit madaling araw, nagkapagreply siya agad.

    The location of the spa is safe and secure. With the recent events that we read about other spas, security and privacy is a must. Spa ambiance is good as well.

    Massage is great. I opted for the hard massage and Bianca did well. 

    She is a good conversationalist. She looks like a former office mate of mine na crush ko kaya di ako nagsawa na titigan sya.

    Will definitely get her again.

    Thank you Bianca.


    16 hours ago, twentytoo said:
    Quick FR for Bianca.

    Massage: I did not expect such a hard, deep massage from such a petite lady. 15/10 just for the massage alone.

    She'll also take care of you throughout your entire session. Warm, friendly, hindi sya nauubusan ng kwento. She'll make sure you leave satisfied.


    On 3/31/2022 at 11:45 PM, youngkob said:

    FR for Bianca

    Came all the way from La Union, I was hella tired that's why a good massage is a must.

    The location is kinda challenging to visit lol you'll know why.

    I availed Bianca earlier because she said she's good in doing massages, fair enough, she knows how to do the work! She has a petite figure, thus, stepping on my back was not an issue at all, heck, it added relief on my back.

    We had pretty good conversation, I forgot the topic though because I fell asleep while getting the massage.

    As for the deed, well, do you remember that movie line from "Despicable Me"? -- it's true! IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIEEEEEE.

    Hope you guys treat her well! Til next time!

    - youngkob


    [03] MEMBER


    Posted 23 hours ago
    fr for bianca 
    AV - sobring kalog parang mag tropa lang at sobrang okey sya kausap 100%
    MV -  napatunog nya ung likod ko kahit sobrang payat nya 🙂 satisfied sa massage 
    FV - 10/10 petite , morena , sobrang cute parang hawig nya yung office mate ko 
    ES - 100% SATISFIED  , highly recommended si bianca 

    thankyou bianca till nexttime  again and again

    [06] HONORED


    Posted Thursday at 10:50 PM


    Wednesday rush already when I booked for a session. Happened to be in a lunch meeting near Ortigas. So before heading back to the office, made a quick call with @Bianca of Berkley.

    Got lucky her schedule is still open, so I made the confirmation right away. Very responsive and professional in communication.

    Massage sessions were great! Her ashiatsu or back walking was awesome. She definitely knows how to make her clients feel relaxed and comfortable.

    Of course, you will never know unless you tried it yourselves guys! Highly recommended! You will leave with i really big smile on your face after her great strokes… so thank you very much Bianca

    FR for pretty @Bianca of Berkley

    Ease of Booking 10/10: Sobrang bilis and accommodating sa inquiries. Nag-inquire na ako sa kanya previously kaso nabusy lang ako before kaya ngayon lang natuloy.

    Spa Ambiance N/A: outcall

    GFE 10/10: Pagpasok nya ng room kwento agad sya. Although mejo naging marites ang datingan ng kwentuhan, okay lang naman sa both sides. Sobrang maalaga din kaya ang sabi ko nalang sa kanya "Ikaw na bahala sakin ha".

    Hygiene 10/10: Complete ang gamit pagdating sa hygiene. Nagulat nalang ako ang dami nyang nilabas sa maliit nyang pouch. Ang pinakatumatak talaga sakin yung St. Ives na scrub nya hahaha.

    Face Value 10/10: Very charming sa personal. Ang cute nya kasi mukha syang bata (face and height-wise) Napagkakamalaman pa nga daw syang minor (pero she's not. swear!)

    Body Figure 10/10: PANALO! Slim type sya but with the right curves. Malaki kamay ko pero kulang pa yung size na yun para sa behind nya.

    Attitude 10/10: Very open and tipong happy go lucky lang. Sa pagsasalita and pagkwento nya pa lang malalaman mo nang palaban sya.

    Massage Value 11/10: -1 for the massage kasi I asked for a hard massage pero mukhang moderate lang yung kinaya nya. But all in all ramdam naman and she knows what she's doing. +2 naman dahil first time ko for Nuru massage. Ganun pala yung feeling!

    Pleasure Impact 11/10: Isa lang naman ang hanap ko dito, yung hindi minamadali which she 100% did. She takes her time and I asked her din kung okay lang patagalin ko and she agreed. She even let me continue kahit na tapos na sya and had me finish on her racks. Best feeling!

    Value for Money 10/10: Even if it's pricey, she makes sure na sulit na sulit every peso you spent.

    Will You Recommend The Spa and the Masseuse: 1000% YES

    Edited 1 hour ago by dekingpuck

    Late FR for @Bianca of Berkley

    Ease of Booking 10/10: Mabilis mag reply sa viber and accommodating. 

    Spa Ambiance N/A: outcall

    GFE 10/10: Mabait at makwento, kaya mas comfortable.

    Hygiene 10/10: Complete ang gamit. Lifesaver kasi walang hygiene complementary sa nakuhang hotel. 

    Face Value 10/10: Very cute siya.

    Body Figure 10/10: Maliit siya pero malaki ang dala sa harap. Overall, okay na okay.

    Massage Value 11/10: Magaling mag nuru and un massage niya nakahelp sa pag destress ng pagod ko sa work.

    Pleasure Impact 11/10: Good shit talaga. She knows how to use her body kaya no problem in releasing.

    Value for Money 10/10: Enjoyed every minute of the session. 

    Will You Recommend The Spa and the Masseuse: Absolutely, yes 


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      Bianca of Berkley

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  11. saan po ito located?  what is the operating hours.  Thank you.


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