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  1. Uy nice! Congrats meron pala nakaka akyat during the pandemic. Sana this year din ok mag trek/hike.
  2. I agree to this. I legally own one (revolver only) but I never took it out of my room and to be honest I have not practiced shooting since I got it more than a decade ago. I get goosebumps when I hold it even when just doing maintenance or cleaning it. The responsibility that comes with owning a gun, the fact that it can end a life of a person, the possible implications you and your family will get if mistakenly used unlawfully is just heavy for me. I would be thankful if in my lifetime I would never have to use it nor show it as a deterrence. If a threat in my home comes I hope that during that ordeal locking the doors to keep the bad elements outside until the Police arrives is enough to neatralize any threats. I sound like a coward here, I know. But I will put my family's safety first at all cost and will use it only if ABSOLUTELY necessary.
  3. Last is Tarak Ridge, kaka miss mag trek complete pa equipments ko hinihintay lang ako.. Need to train ulit get back in shape konti dahil tumatanda na tapos sana meron mag yaya
  4. D. Beckham instincts For ladies gusto ko yung Clinique Happy
  5. Better Health! Eat right, work out and meditate.
  6. No, we make our own destiny and our plan and execution is always subject to so many random events affecting the outcome that it more often than not, results to something we did not expected or somehow just close to it. Nothing is definite.
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