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  1. Lates update on Bora requirements. Less now VS last Oct 2021 I went there. https://www.cebupacificair.com/pages/travel-info/covid-travel-reminders/travel-document-requirementsi
  2. Iphone. Powerful chip and functional. Tried switching to Android and it was sweet but still prefer Iphone.
  3. Skycable. Dependable and good customer service. It may also depend I guess on your location.
  4. I had a so called gf and she was asexual. At first she was very sexually curious and was doing a lot of kinky stuff. But after a few years, she mellowed and prefer to have sex once a week nlng. She needs to set her mind and schedule it I guess because of work stress din. But during our deed naman, she was still the same and enjoyed sex everytime. There may be people din na need to stimulate yung mind nila. Just my two cents.
  5. Nahhh. Masaya na dito at madaming thera nagpapasaya samin. 😊
  6. You can try Tough guys and Commander in Cubao. You can search in FB.
  7. Got it. Thanks for the reco. Hope na kaya ko din handle for a newbie.
  8. If budgeted and quick bang around QC, Mariposa Anonas is a good motel. Has discreet parking ang entrance also.
  9. What would you recommend for first time riders? Looking into manual and classic looks like Bristol e. Need to also enroll in Honda pa for the motorcycle license. Thank you.
  10. Not sure jan. I think online lng sila. Saves you also the hassle of going to GH or kung saan. 2 posts palang ko per day kaya late reply lol
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