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  1. i take personal trainer myself. 1 year na..
  2. try Ethereum. i started at last April 2020 at 1 ETH = Php 3,000. Now its 1 ETH = Php 225,000.00 Thats 1 year bro.... 1 year...
  3. i want to learn to direct movies, action movies..
  4. i want to try, but too many hobbies already..
  5. at first. but i want to follow my passion.
  6. Mind control. minimum of 50 Million people simultaneously.
  7. Always! makukulit kaya ang mga plipino. kung ano anong kalokohan na iisip..
  8. I have a condo, but i live in a house and lot. ma ok parin yung malaking bakuran..
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