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Posted 29 September 2018 - 08:52 AM

Pano first deposit yan -- Manager's Check?  Or by phone via debit card?  Or by iwebsite, via setting up  source bank account and routing the money?

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Posted 25 January 2019 - 09:20 PM

FREE Online Seminar by J3 PATINO,RFP (Registered Financial Planner)

1) "5 Pillars of Wealth"
By watching this first video you'll be ensuring that you have a SOLID foundation for building wealth.
Just click on this link to access it:


Na-experience mo na ba makasakay sa financial roller coaster?

Yung tipong isang araw, parang ang dami mong pera, at wala kang financial problems.
Tapos sa susunod na lingo eh balik ka sa dati at BITIN ka ulit sa pera.

Yung panahon na natutuwa ka na dahil may savings ka na.
Tapos may mangyayari nalang at kakailanganin mong gastusin ang pinaghirapan mong savings?

Ang madalas na dahilan nito ay kakulangan sa mga BASIC na lesson tungkol sa pagyaman.

Ito ang na s-solve ng seminar series na ito.

Click this link lang para mapanood mo na ang video na ito.


2) Video #2 of the Take the Leap, Invest within the Week is out.
The basics of the stock market sooooooo simple,
even a grade-school student will be able to understand it!

>> Video 2: Basics of the Stock Market


Watch it to discover the answers to these questions:

What is the stock market?
How does it work?
How can you make money with it?
How much money can you make?
How do you avoid/eliminate risks in the Stock Market?
and more!

>> Video 2: Basics of the Stock Market


P.S. The stock market is much simpler than what it seems.
In this video you'll find how how simple it really is.

3)The Second Video of the 5 Pillars of Wealth Seminar is here!!!
In this video, you'll learn about the BIGGEST and most COMMON
mistake Filipinos make in their journey to wealth.

Just click this link to start watching the video.


This mistake is about the definition of wealth.
Actually, kung sa simula palang mali na ang definition mo ng wealth.
Lalo na yung magiging paraan na gagamitin mo para yumaman.

If you don't understand this common misconception about wealth,
then it is impossible to build a SOLID FOUNDATION for your financial success.

Click mo lang ang link na ito to start watching:


4) Video #3: Investing Strategies!
This video will make all the difference in your investing life.

>> Video 3: Strategies of Investing


In today's video you'll learn about: "Strategy-Focused Investing".

This concept will determine if you're going to be
a "peaceful and confident" investor OR
a "worried and stressed" investor.

It will determine if the stock market will
complement your lifestyle OR complicate it.
That's why I'm excited for you to learn it!

>> Video 3: Strategies of Investing


5)We Filipinos are VERY hardworking.
However, why are so many poor?
Apparently, hard work isn't enough.

In our 3rd video, you'll learn about the 3 ingredients for financial progress.
And knowing and applying these 3 ingredients is the difference
between Working HARD vs. Working SMART.

Just click on the link below to start watching:
Video 3: http://www.gameofwea...e.com/3-process

Pili ka nalang sa 4 options when it comes to your results...

No Hard Work + No Smart Work = Poverty.
Hard Work + No Smart Work = Mediocrity
No Hard Work + Smart Work = Above Average Success
Hard Work + Smart Work = MASSIVE Success smile.gif

Smart Work o pagiging "wais" ang kailangan para maging successful.
Yun ang matututunan mo in this next training video.

Just click on the link to start watching:
Video 3: http://www.gameofwea...e.com/3-process

6) It's time for you to win the Game of Wealth!
You have been playing the game since you were born.
The big question is - How well have you been playing?

Video Link: The Conclusion - Winning the Game of Wealth


In the past 3 videos I've sent you, you have learned about the 5 Pillars of Wealth.
And if I were to to summarize the 3 most important lessons in the series...

1. Money is important therefore it should be studied.
2. Wealth is a choice, while poverty is a result of not making that choice.
3. Wealth is a process, that's why anyone can become wealthy.

That online seminar series was meant to be just the "awakening" course.
Pang-pa gising lang talaga siya sa mga walang malay tungkol sa pera.

Today in this video, (now that you're already "awake")...
I show you the exact steps on what it takes to win the game of wealth.

Video Link: The Conclusion - Winning the Game of Wealth


This is going to be the start of a financial literacy revolution!
To be a part of this movement, just click the link below:

Video Link: The Conclusion - Winning the Game of Wealth


7) Here, you'll learn about a tool that will make investing
"hyper-convenient" and "super-profitable"

>> Video 4: Practical Investing


Investing isn't just about the money.
It's about what you can do with the money after.

It's about more dreams being fulfilled.
It's about more beautiful memories being created.
It's about more people being loved.

>> Video 4: Practical Investing

8) Time to take action!
It's time to take the leap and get started with investing!

>> Video 5: Taking the Leap

ACTION STEPS that show you the EXACT steps you need to take
to get START in the world of the stock market.

Here's what you'll get in the video:
an instructional guide on how to get started and create and account
an inside tour of COL's website
a downloadable 1-page resource and action guide (super valuable!)
With these things you're be all set to get started and take the leap.
You're already mentally, emotionally and intellectually ready.

The only thing left is for you to actually do it
So take the Leap and you'll be able to Invest Within the Week!

>> Video 5: Taking the Leap


This is the last video in the online seminar series.

9) What is your gameplan for becoming wealthy?

Do you have a structured approach to budgeting your money?
Is your budget aligned with your real life goals?
Or Is it just budgeting, for bugeting's sake?

Do you understand how you should use the different financial tools
based on your unique goals and financial objectives?
Or are you investing just because 'sabi maganda daw'...

Are you confident that if you keep doing what you're doing now...
that you will be able to achieve your goals in life?
Or is it just "blind-optimism", na puno ng "sana" or "bahala na".

>> Learn how to create a financial gameplan here.


These are hard questions to answer.
Masakit sa ulo, kasi serious topic talaga eh.
But this email is only for people who are serious about their goals...

If you're SERIOUS about creating a better life for yourself and your loved ones...
If you want to LEARN how to World of Money works...
If you want to KNOW how you can achieve financial freedom, step-by-step...
If you want to be CONFIDENT in your daily money decisions...

Then Its highly recommend that you get Game of Wealth Premium Seminar.
It is an online seminar, with 8-hours worth of comprehensive content about:

Wealth Mindsets, Saving Techniques, Budgeting, Getting Out of Debt,
Insurance, Healthcare, Mutual Funds, UITFs, Equities, Bonds, Tithing,
Fate Funding, Gamification, Passive Income, Real Estate, Network Marketing
and so much more....

The bottom line is, after going through the online program...
you will ensure that EACH peso you spend, and EACH activity you engage in
will bring you closer to your financial goals and aspirations.

>> Details of the seminar can be found here


10) Many people know that they SHOULD be investing.
Some people know HOW to invest already.
But only very few are ACTUALLY investing.

This problem really bothered me, so I thought about it.
For some reason there are "things" that hold people back.
Things that we know exist, but can't quite figure out and overcome.

Investing is not only about the money. Nor is it about knowing how to do it.

There are 3 specific barriers that must be overcome.

Psychological Barriers
Personal Barriers
Social Barriers.
To the few who are already investing, it was by CHANCE on how they overcame these barriers.
But to most, an active effort must be done to overcome them.

>> Overcoming the Barriers to Investing

There's a segment there where my fellow investors share their experiences.
You'll get to learn all about it in the video.

If you know "something" has been holding you back with investing...
You'll find it here in this video. Watch it, and break free!

If you're already one of the few who have started to invest,
this will motivate you to keep doing what you're doing.

>> Overcoming the Barriers to Investing


11) > Q&A Session Video Training


This Q&A video contains 80+ mins worth of amazing content.
We talk about stock market crashes, and what to do about them.
We talk about other investments like Mutual Funds, UITF's and VULs as well.
and sooo many more.

>> Q&A Session Video Training


12) "The most expensive money mistakes are the ones you have no idea you're making."

Article Link: 3 HIDDEN Costs of Being Financially Ignorant


By the way, you can also forward this article to friends and family.
After all, the game of wealth is a TEAM GAME.
The more you're surrounded by financially successful people,
the more you'll be sticking to your commitments and goals.

Just click the link below to read the article:
>> 3 HIDDEN Costs of Being Financially Ignorant


13) In this blog article you can learn how he was able to start investing,
with a meager P11,500 per month salary, while supporting 2 kids.

>> Continue reading his story here.


14) In this Q&A video we talked about:
Family and Money
Being a "Slave to Money"
Dealing with Foreign Currency
SSS and GSIS (and how the pension is a SCAM!)
Estate Planning 101
VUL vs. Mutual Fund + Term Insurance
and much more!

Youtube Link here:

15) Lets REVIEW:

Video 1: The Goals of Investing
Link: http://www.stockmark...ls-of-investing

Video 2: Basics of the Stock Market
Link: http://www.stockmark...e-stock-market/

Video 3: Investing Strategies
Link: http://www.stockmark...s-of-investing/

Video 4: Practical Investing
Link: http://www.stockmark...ical-investing/

Video 5: Taking the Leap
Link: http://www.stockmark...aking-the-leap/

Bonus Video: Overcoming Barriers to Investing
Link: http://www.stockmark...s-to-investing/

Bonus Stock Market Q&A Session
Link: http://www.stockmark...earn/qa-session

16) May ipon ka ba?
Nakakapag ipon ka ba?

The skill of saving money is SO IMPORTANT!
It's the building block to all forms of wealth.
Without savings, you can't invest.
Without savings, you can't start a business.
And even if you manage to borrow money for the business,
if you can't manage that money well, you'll be buried under debt!

So if you're someone who has still trouble saving...
I uploaded a short video for you in Youtube.


Link: How to Save Money


17) In the big picture... investing is actually EASY to do.
It just becomes DIFFICULT if you're not yet ready to invest.

Link: 7 Things You Need to Have Before Investing


Do you think you can build a 3rd floor
if you haven't started building the 1st and 2nd floor?
Of course it's going to be tough
because you still don't have a solid foundation.

Investing works in the same way.
You first need to have a solid foundation.
If you want investing to be easy for you.
Otherwise, it's going to be difficult, unsustainable and even impossible.

Link: 7 Things You Need to Have Before Investing


So you build a good financial foundation
for your current and future investments.

18) Money is always being associated
with greed, materialism and other bad stuff.
(Thanks to all the bad, evil and greedy people out there...)

But have you ever heard of the term "Holy Money"?
Do you believe that money CAN be holy?

Watch the video: Holy Money

19) There is a poverty conspiracy going around.
It's the reason why many Filipinos are poor,
while only a few people are able to achieve real wealth...

It's been going around for a very long time.
And even the people you love the most, and your closest friends
can actually be spreading this conspiracy.

Read all about it here:
"10 Popular Sayings on Money - That You Should NEVER Believe"

Right now, a lot of people are getting "enlightened" with this article.
In the same way, people were probably "awoken" when they read Noli Me Tangere or El Filibusterismo.
But this time, it's about fighting the Pinoy poverty conspiracy.

Read all about it here.
"10 Popular Sayings on Money - That You Should NEVER Believe"


20) Do you have a crystal clear understanding
on how financial products work?
How they differ? What's their purpose?
How to use them?

If it's unclear to you, then you can start learning today!
I created a video about Insurance vs. Investments
(Very basic, very simple, just about 6 mins long)

Click here to watch the video:
Insurance o Investment?

21) Here's a short that can reassure you
of your long-term investing strategy in the stock market:
Video Link: Stock Market Update from the Chairman

22) "The Stock Market WON'T Make You Rich"

It's kind of k*ll-joy and depressing isn't it?

But do I agree with it?


>> Click here to learn why.


In this latest article, you will learn about the proper expectations
you should have as you invest in the stock market.
This way, you can set realistic and achievable goals,
while understanding what else you have to learn
in order to achieve your financial goals.

Click the following link to read the article:

>> Why the Stock Market Won't Make You Rich (and What To Do About It)


23) Click the link below to watch the Q&A Videos:

Also, the Resource Guide is also ready for download.

Click the link below to download the Resource Guide:

24) When you shared the stock market with your friends and family,
What kind of reaction did you get?

Did they STOP you because it was risky?
Did they ASK you to teach them?
Or did they simply didn't care?

" 5 Stock Market Myths
and how to answer/overcome them as well "

Youtube Video Link: Top 5 Stock Market Myths


In this video, you can really help
clarify the misconceptions about the stock market.

And in the off-chance that you're still not yet investing...
Then this video can remove some the most common obstacles.

Youtube Video Link: Top 5 Stock Market Myths



Are you familiar with the social status trap?
This is the (DANGEROUS) belief that by climbing the social ladder,
you are also improving your financial stability.

This wrong belief is the reason why many people are poor.
Because they buy things that will only make them FEEL or LOOK rich.
But actually have a negative impact to their wealth.

I shot a very quick video about it here:
Youtube Link

(This video is just 5 mins long, but the lessons you're learn will last for a lifetime.)

26) Last April 2014 was one of the biggest IPO's in the country.
Double Dragon (DD) spiked to 50% gain during its first day
rose further to 135% gain 30 days later,
and by May 14, it had already rose to 263% gains!
Triple digit gains in such a short amount of time!

Now, its good that people are making money,
these events can also make a lot of people GREEDY and STUPID.
That's why I felt the need to create this video about IPOs,
so you have a REALISTIC sense of both the benefits and risks of IPOs.

Here's the Youtube Link:

(Sorry to have to be KJ about all this fast/hot/quick money)
But responsible investing is much more important that emotions.

27) Do you think you are financially fit?

Actually there is no standard test for that - but these articles
could give you a good idea of where you are already.

Here are the links:

Test #1: 7 Financial Milestones to Reach Before You Hit 30
(Have you reached these milestones?)


Test #2: 17 Things Yuppies Need to Know to Win the Game of Money
(Can you guess these 17 things?)


28) Let me ask you a quick question - which would you rather have?
a.) 2 FREE Cute Puppies OR
b.) Money enough to pay for 4 years of college in a premier university?

Of course B is the obvious choice!
But do you know that a LOT of people choose A?
And they do it over and over and over again as well?

This financial error is due to the lack of understanding
of the concept of OPPORTUNITY COST.
Simply put, its the opportunity lost when you decide to buy one thing over another.

In this new video, you will learn how seemingly small, and harmless choices,
can actually hold us back from our most important goals in life.
Find out how it happens and how to prevent it by clicking here.


Lot's of small but powerful lessons in this video!

which would you rather have?
2 FREE Cute Puppies OR Money enough to pay for 4 years of college in a premier university?



Good Stuff (kahit ang haba-haba basahin hehe). 

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Posted 08 May 2019 - 12:49 AM

currently with COL Financial.


Though I've heard a lot of good things about FirstMetroSec from my trading buddies.


Still working on cementing my competence/consistency with TA and trading Philippines Stocks, then I may also consider trading FX

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Posted 05 September 2019 - 04:25 PM

Currently with COL Financial, though I had to Purge and stay away for almost 2 years. 


Timson is a good platform for active traders though you need 100K to open with them plus You have to be actively trading.


Virtual Trading would be Investagrams. But I have complete faith in those kids that they can open up as a Real Brokerage Firm sometime soon. 

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Posted 19 September 2019 - 12:20 AM

Col and firstmetro sec. Pero mas ok un FMS. Madami silang bagong apps and mga perks.

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