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Manual Or Automatic?

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has anyone tried SMG (Sequential Manual Gearbox)? its an automatic transmission that lets you shift manually through buttons or paddles, like f1. i think its a monstrously expensive system in a car. any feedback from users?


both my '99 land rover discovery and my '04 mini cooper let me work my way through the gears if i want to, or drive in full automatic, which is what my wife does. in fact, most new cars i see have this feature. porsche had this feature (they call it tiptronic) starting way back in the late '80s.


i have automatics in all my cars, even the land rover. turns out it's much, much easier to control when climbing over rocks and tree stumps and the like and not having to think about the clutch lets you think about more important stuff, like choosing the best path through the muck and mire, boulders and trees. and for commuting, it's much less work, much less tiring and much less stressful.

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manual for me... eventhough matraffic dito sa metro manila, i still prefer a manual transmission over an automatic. I have better control on the speed, and the acceleration... specially when overtaking, and sudden stops where in i can use an engine-brake... plus, i don't get sleepy driving a manual transmission vehicle...



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