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Best Place To Buy Pc Parts

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dito sa hong kong mura mga hardware....dami pa pagpipilian :)



ganun? :boo: ang layo nman :lol: at saka ang mahal ng ticket, mahirap pa processing sa DFA,... paano yan kung isang IDE cable bibilhin ko para sa computer ko .. punta pa akong hong-kong? hehehehe? sosi nman.. halagang P50,, punta pa akong hong-kong, daig pa pamasahe ko.. hhehehe, peace bro



me? PC EXPRESS ako

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I think I'll be doing everyone a favor by advising you to stay away from HMR..


This place is a SUPER HARANG dumpsite and I really resent thier arrogance.


Granted, in fairness ika nga, you may find hard to find laptop parts and their laptop service was not too awful, I went there today to by an AT power supply for a PC of my staff and they were charging P350 for what looked like a 10-15 year surplus power supply, no joke...


new power supplies cost P350-P400 at the average, ang kapal nila talaga...


kaya nalulugi ang place na to, arrogant mag singil...


and before, they used to bring in useless, old circuit boards and crap peripherals from other countries, trying to sell them here...


now they're probably on some Philippine trash dump, leaking into the environment...

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