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  1. Ever wonder why I always appear on top of your list of "Recent Profile Visitors"?😂🤭😁 Even if I am NOT your follower? (I stopped following you about a month ago; I rarely follow any girl anymore hehehe ☺👍)

    I'm using an app that is multi-tab capable. And, ironically (or at least unintentionally), in one of the tabs, your profile is shown hehehe.😁 So, if you're gonna look at it, it seems that every time you look at your profile, your most recent visitor is Kid Fighter hehehe😂 You wanna verify it? Then, c'mon, try it!😁

  2. Masyado akong nagpadala sa emosyon dahil sa pinapakita nya. Ending, nagsawa sya... Kung ikaw nalang lumalaban ipaglalaban mo pa ba?
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