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  1. Saan po malapit to

  2. How do we make a booking? 

  3. pa pm naman pics n details ni deanne

  4. wala parin in spa?


  5. pwede na in spa?


  6. Hi,

    Pls pm pics of theras. Tnx

    1. betonz87


      have pic po?

  7. May I know location thanks

  8. Hi kindly DM pics, rates, pics. Thanks 

  9. maliit lang naman charge daw sir pag add person 200ish something lang from the rate and private at mayos daw po than soho
  10. watching our loved one scrub the counter so attractive. because it is a combination of feeling appreciated, a sense of teamwork, and partnership. It could also fall into one of the five love languages😉
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