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The Fastest You've Ever Driven?

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#41 TeeUp



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Posted 26 December 2004 - 08:40 PM

Just make that if you hit someone at high speeds, you are in the right and that you are driving the bigger vehicle, para walang sabit sa parak at sa insurance. As for the other party, patay kung patay! hahaha!


OY! sino ang may RUF na porsche??!! pahiraaaaam!!! inggiiit akooooo

cmon guys, discussion lang naman to, i know a lot of people die in road accidents every year, but this is just a couple of chaps exchanging experiences. no one is encouraging this in the Philippines, no one. we must all drive carefully d b?...a grain of salt please...(but if you drive on the autobahn, well....)


yearrright, bro! you think the above post is not encouraging enough?

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Posted 28 December 2004 - 09:29 AM

maximum of 180 kph for about 30mins and less than hour.
but i have to be careful with patrol..
on my way to real quezon with a zigzag road,preferrably 20kph but i hit maximally 0f 60 kph.
challenges!!! :cool:

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Posted 28 December 2004 - 09:34 AM

with a toyota revo. diesel machine.
i cant hit if i used an automatic car.

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Posted 28 December 2004 - 09:48 AM

170 kph on a Toyota Altis A/T, only from the San Fernando exit stretch to Bocaue. For me its impossible to gain that speed from Bocaue onwards Manila. :)

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Posted 28 December 2004 - 06:31 PM

I regulalrly hit 150-160 on the hiway on a clear night and regularly hit 170-180 on the star tollway. Fastest ive gone im my car is 200 but i wanna try and go faster soon. I just wish there were less potholes and bumpy roads in this country

#46 TheGeneral


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Posted 28 December 2004 - 06:43 PM

i've hit 200 on star tollway for about 4 sec. on a mitsubishi galant VR saloon...

#47 articfox



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Posted 28 December 2004 - 07:27 PM

210kph on a manual cefiro 1997 model star tollway only on straightline though it was f**king... FUN!!!!! while diceing fastest i ever did was 170 in a ford lynx the new model in c5 i have it on my friends phone video after runing c5 in about 3 min we hit a pothole while decelerating at about 120-130kph and my right front tire exploded also on video hehe good thing i was able to controll the skid :) fastest drift speed ive ever done was about 95-100kph haha 90 degree turn took the early apex drift in the palms area alabang for a physics video contest :D - i love speed!

#48 abc999



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Posted 29 December 2004 - 12:34 PM

185 lang

#49 myth



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Posted 29 December 2004 - 09:11 PM

haha! hey arctic! same thing happend to me on edsa! 140 sumtn i think then bam! huge pot hole. my right front exploded.

used to go 140-160 regularly cuz i have to pass by the expressway to get to school. did arnd 200 a few times wen we go road trippin (anywhere between subic n tagaytay). stupid really, 3-4 of us would race to wherevr from 12-5

100-120 back wen we wer learning to take a curve. i suckd on consecutives n fast 90's mainly cuz i was always conscious abt my weak brakes. stoppd before i gt an upgrade.

switchd to a heavy matic after my second huge crash :P its been over a year na.. my feets startn to twitch agn. miss d clutch n d feeling of flight right before sunrise :P

#50 archon57



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Posted 06 January 2005 - 03:55 PM

180 kph using altis manual. star tollways and northbound nlex just right after dau exit.....

#51 javameister


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Posted 06 January 2005 - 05:57 PM

Nice posts, guys! This thread was never meant to be a bragfest for people who've tried to test the limits and dare the fates. It is simply for sharing one's experience of speed on the road. I would like to assume that most of you here are safe drivers who know when to go and when to back off. There are really very few roads locally where you can safely let it out and zoom.

Happy New Year to all!

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Posted 27 January 2005 - 10:54 AM

180 sa Skyway BMW 325, kalula grabe

#53 dyun



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Posted 27 January 2005 - 11:09 AM

145kph with my sentra SLX.. ktakot bka makalas..hehehe :D
155kph with our hilander..nakotongan ako ng ermats ko. :sick:

ok lang humataw mga bro, pro konti mali lang gud bye to all na.. :cry:

drive defensively... :cool:

#54 kuplet



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Posted 27 January 2005 - 01:04 PM

175 kph with my Lancer GLXI before in Edsa. That was a long time ago, God - I miss those days!

#55 superfunkibey



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Posted 27 January 2005 - 08:56 PM

Ive gone to about 140 with a Nissan 3 series along North Superhighway, actually think the car could have gone faster but I was so sleepy that time. Did the same speed on a Nissan Power Pickup pero puwersahan na un.

Was able to ride up to 180 though when my friend drove his then brand new Lancer Glxi on Edsa. Damn, now that was crazy. :sick:

#56 floppydrive


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Posted 27 January 2005 - 09:30 PM

145 kph in a Sentra DIESEL
145 kph in a Pajero DIESEL
150 kph in a L200 DIESEL
150 kph in a Nissan Double Cab DIESEL
160 kph in a Trooper DIESEL

Wala talagang itataas pa, dahil panay DIESEL! bwahaha
Nauubos ang kalsada bago umabot sa 120+kph.

#57 Guest_xbox_boy_*

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Posted 27 January 2005 - 11:05 PM

85 miles per hour sa BMW 3 series 405 north freeway papuntang torrance, ca.

#58 nataraki


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Posted 28 January 2005 - 03:30 AM

150 kph on a lancer/gl sa NLEX... had to slow down kasi nagising ang mga pasahero ko.
180 kph on an altis m/t sa star... had to maintain a soft and steady ride kz baka magalit ang me-ari, nakasakay pa naman. but it went half the stretch
70 kph on a stock honda dio 1... maxed out na pero felt like flying already (di ko na inulit sa EDSA coz i almost got sandwhiched by a jeep and a f**kin bus)
120 kph on suzuki tsr bike sa laguna punta real... lakas ng hangin and almost lost control ng may makasalubong na truck...
our van's speedometer isnt functioning but on one of our few road trips eh nakikipaghabulan ako sa suburban and prado... dont know what speed we're in but were passin every vehicle ahead of us sa NLEX.

had an accident before but im glad were already in a slow moving pace coz i think i dozed off and nagising na lang ako when our van hit the car in front. havent had a decent sleep for 2 nights before driving (night trip) all the way to la union and waking up after 3 hrs for another trip...

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#59 Fahfrd


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Posted 28 January 2005 - 04:35 AM

Hmm, fastest for me to date is about 170kph along South Super Highway, northbound, late one night.

With my Honda Civic 2.0

Di pa naman nahihirapan iyung auto eh, kaso ako kabadong kabado na kaya bitaw na kaagad ako sa silinyador nung nakita kong lumalampas na ng 170kph.

#60 floppydrive


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Posted 28 January 2005 - 09:45 AM

I'm more of a conservative driver. I only go fast when the road is clear. Kaya rare lang ko makatakbo above 120. Masnakakatakot yung 40kph ang takbo, pero sa eskinita na puro pedicab.

Pag 6:00 am ng linggo, kadalasan maluwag ang kalsada. huwag ka lang sasabay sa mga masmalalakas na sasakyan sa SLEX. May grupo ng car lovers na big time ang mga dala - porsche (kotse hindi shades), ferrari, BMW Z series, at kung anu-ano pa. Nagkikita daw sila sa Shell Magallanes ng 6:00 am, tapos hataw na.

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