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Wedding Songs

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#1 jopoc


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Posted 12 February 2006 - 11:31 PM

1. Ikaw (sharon or martin version)
2. ngayon at kailanman (sharon or basil version)
3. When i met you (APO hiking)
4. I finally found yoy (bryan adams and barbara streisand)
5. I do (98 degree, right?)

#2 tim21


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Posted 13 February 2006 - 02:38 AM

maganda yung YOU"RE STILL YOU ni josh groban. yun ang ginamit namin for the bridal march ni esmi.

#3 hitman531ph


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Posted 13 February 2006 - 03:21 PM

Blood Sweat and Tears

I lost at love before
Got mad and closed the door
But you said "Try, just once more"
I chose you for the one
Now we're having so much fun
You treated me so kind
I'm about to lose my mind
You made me so very happy

The others were untrue
But when it came to loving you
I'd spend my whole life with you
Cause you came and you took control
You touched my very soul
You always showed me that
Loving you was where it's at
You made me so very happy
I'm so glad you came into my life yeah

I love you so much you see
You're even in my dreams
I can hear you, I can hear you callin me
I'm so in love with you
All I ever want to do is
Thank you baby, thank you baby

You made me so very happy
I'm so glad you came into my life
You made me so very happy
You made me so so very happy baby
I'm so glad you came
Into my life
I want to thank you girl
Every day of my life
I want to thank you
You made me so very happy (fade)

Al Green

I, I'm so in love with you,
whatever you want to do,
is alright with me,
'cause you make me feel
so brand-new,
I want to spend my life with you,
they say it seems, baby,
since we've been together,
loving you forever,
is what I need.
Let me be the one you come runnin' to,
I'll never be, ah, untrue,
Ooo baby,
Let's... Let's stay together,
loving you whether, whether,
times are good or bad,
happy or sad,
whether time are good or bad,
happy or sad.

Why, somebody?,
Why do people break up,
and turn around and make up?
I just can't see.
You'd never do that to me
(would you baby)?
Being around you,
is all I see.
Here's what I want to do:
Let's... Let's stay together,
loving you whether, whether,
times are good or bad,
happy or sad.
(come on)
Let's... Let's stay together,
loving you whether, whether,
times are good or bad,
happy or sad...

Curtis Stigers

Written by Curtis Stigers and Barry Mann

Seen a light divine
Seen water turn to wine
Seen healing hands and walking on the water
I've knelt in churches
But that was all just fruitless searches
For something to believe in
And I thought I'd seen it all

But I never saw a miracle
'Til baby I found you
I prayed I'd find my heaven
Then all my prayers came true
No, I never saw a miracle
I was blind but now I see
The miracle is the love you give to me

Seen a flower bloom
And a man walk on the moon
But I never seemed to find sweet inspiration
Seen the stars fall from the sky
And heard a newborn baby cry
And felt the warmth of human kindness
'Til the tears came to my eyes

I've never been a winner
And God knows I'm a sinner
But I found my salvation in you
Oh, I was lost until you found me
Put your loving all around me
Gave me back my faith
And my strength to carry on
And now, baby, I believe


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#4 n2deep


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Posted 13 February 2006 - 04:54 PM

john denver

#5 mr_goblin



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Posted 13 February 2006 - 08:47 PM

music pwede?

variations on the canon-johann pachelbel

#6 mhengh


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Posted 14 February 2006 - 11:23 AM

di ba ang Wedding song nung 80's e yung 2 less lonely people in the world (Air Supply) and I will love you so for always (Atlantic Starr)

#7 miss_b


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Posted 14 February 2006 - 06:00 PM

here, there & everywhere ginamit sya sa show ng FRIENDS, dun sa kasal ni pheobe & mike. :heart:
all my life i like the tempo that regine velasquez used when she sang it in her movie with christopher de leon (forgot d title).
you're still you & the prayer by josh groban, love it! :wub:

#8 kiko machine

kiko machine


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Posted 14 February 2006 - 09:18 PM

dalampasigan ng puso ni noel cabangon.


#9 elbaron1914



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Posted 16 February 2006 - 08:10 AM

top 3 songs that i really like... all of them from josh groban
1. you're still you
2. for always - feat. lara fabian
3. the prayer - feat. charlotte church

#10 addila



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Posted 16 February 2006 - 08:29 AM

dance with me and lovestruck - by shuffle union

#11 misbyutiful


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Posted 16 February 2006 - 08:48 PM

gsto ko kantahin sa wedding ko ung "butterfly kisses"

#12 jopoc


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Posted 19 February 2006 - 07:01 AM

gsto ko kantahin sa wedding ko ung "butterfly kisses"


diba kanta ng dad to his daughter yun?

#13 babypinkgirl



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Posted 01 March 2006 - 02:18 AM

to name a few...

1. I Will Be Here

2. The First Time I Love Forever

3. This I Promise You

4. Ikaw

5. Ngayon at Kailan Man

#14 Alucard


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Posted 01 March 2006 - 03:20 PM

1. I'll take care of you
2. From this moment
3. Forevermore
4. I could not ask for more
5. Your Love
6. I will be here
7. The Gift
8. Till I met You
9. Another Used to be(Something Special about this song)

#15 batang_yakult


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Posted 04 March 2006 - 10:25 AM

Only You- Yazoo * kaso i remember my ex in this song*
Tunay na Ligaya- San Miguel Master Chorale version
Umagang Kay Ganda-
Kahit Maputi na Ang Buhok Ko- Sharon C

#16 bRIX


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Posted 04 March 2006 - 11:14 PM

Everything by Lifehouse

"....you are the strength
that keeps me walking
you are the hope
that keeps me trusting
you are the life to my soul
you are my purpose
you are everything
and how can i
stand here with you
and not be moved by you
would you tell me
how could it be
any better than this"

#17 big-poppa-pimp


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Posted 13 March 2006 - 07:34 AM

butterfly kisses

#18 redmagnumdevil357



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Posted 13 March 2006 - 08:55 AM

wedding songs:

1: For You
By: John Denver

2. By Heart:
By: Jim Brickman and Michelle Wright

3. Valentine
By: Jim Brickman and Martina McBright

4. Till I Met You
By: Kuh Ledesma

5: How Did You Know?
By: Chique Pineda

#19 redmagnumdevil357



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Posted 13 March 2006 - 09:01 AM

wedding songs:

1: Forevermore
By: Side A

2: I Will Be Here
By: Martin Nievera

3: A Love To Share

4: Ikaw Nga
By: South Border

5: Wherever You Are?
By: South Border

By: Duran Duran

7: The Search Is Over

8: Heaven Knows

#20 carbonex69



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Posted 14 March 2006 - 04:22 PM

additional lang sa mga songs na nasa list

1. Beautiful in My Eyes - Joshua Kadison

2. The Luckiest - Ben Folds Five

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