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Gayuma recipe:

- 50 ml of pork's fat

- 3 cloves of garlic, crushed

- 1 strand of your pubic hair

- 1 strand of your crush's pubic hair


How to make the Gayuma:

1. Tie together the pubic hairs.

2. Boil all ingredients only during Sunday midnight, 20 minutes, stirring only in counterclockwise direction.

3. Store it in small bottle and bury it under a rose plant for 3 days before using.


How to use:

1. Next time you meet your crush, dab a little of the love potion at your neck.

2. Make sure that you are close enough so your crush can smell it.

3. If she asks you to have lunch with her because for some strange reason she felt hungry, you are in the right track! Go with her!

4. The rest is up to you... Do your moves! Diskarte mo na yun!



- Only works only 50% at a time. If you are ugly enough, the potion cannot help you.

natawa ako dito... if you have your crush's pubes then you no longer need yung gayuma di ba? hehehe

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