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How Did You Discover MTC?

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On 10/17/2021 at 1:11 PM, csb_miley said:

Pero sna pra dka napahiya she wuld also say " can i lick it tho, sayang eh." 

Before that establishment’s shut down, na request ko siya. Binalik ko yung sagot niya sakin, “ Ngaun mama, I’m the one licking you...” interesting kasi months palang after giving birth, g na siya. 1st time ko rin maka-tikim ng breastmilk while doing the ptyHum ptyDum 😊 #OGMemories

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On 10/17/2021 at 8:48 AM, csb_miley said:

Haha. I heard mtc from a friend an artist. This site is my stress reliever from hectic work from home life. 

Hmmm i posted 1 of my photo wen we were in Sofitel. Nakatayo ako s balcony at sa mismomg grills ng nka bikini n topless facing amenity. If i am allowed to post it here but yhe top is covered a little bit its ky pleasure to share. Bka kc sbhin ngbibiro lng ako kaya i want everything to be posted, but since my life is half conservative corporate gal and half extremely sexbeast maniac liberated hahaha i dnt know wat to follow. But ofcorse i hv respect sa policy ng mtc. I guess na post k ang photo na yon sa classic mtc.  Isa yan sa mga trip kong gwin everytime i spent nights at the hotel. Kya trademark k yan ngiiwan ako ng karumaldumal aparisyon sa balcony hahahaha. And yeah nagawa kna dn full baked bod sa makati naman air bnb unit 1 of the top units available in air bnb. 

D*mn that’s...hats off! Lol i knew it 😏

hmm, yung nabanggit mong poses parang nasa ‘dare to bare’ or similar topic sa classic. Anyway, looking forward na makita kita then mag comment dito, “confirmed guys”! Hay 1yr & ++months na WFH. Wala ng exec planning na need namin mag stay sa hotel then 4hrs a day lang ang group sessions

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