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ang hirap maalala lahat phones ko. Average phone ko per year is 6 . hahah pero last year ko for 2021

1. Note 20 Ultra LTE
2. Huawei Nova 7 SE
3. Iphone 8 Plus
4. S21 Ultra 5G
5. Oppo A3S
6. Oppo F11
7. Iphone 12 PM
8. Note 20 Ultra 5G
9. Xiaomi 11T
10. Will stick now to my Iphone 12 PM :) 


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Nokia: 5110i, 3310, 3510 (company-issued), 7650, 6230, 6610

Sony Ericsson: T68i

MyPhone: BrownTab, forgot the model of my qwerty phone

Lenovo: P770

Asus: Zenfone 2 Laser 5.5 and 5.0

iPhone: iPhone 5, iPhone XR (current)

Oppo: A5 2020 (current)

Huawei: Y6 2018 (current, company-issued), MatePad T8

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Currently using: iPhone 13 Pro Sierra Blue 256 gig
Comment: Bumalik ako sa iPhone nung nagka high refresh rate screen sila. I miss Android's back gesture though :( But I'm probably gonna use this phone for the next 3-4 years because it practically has everything I want in a phone: great camera, great batt life, great form factor, hyper fast performance

Past phones:

Oneplus 7 Pro 256 gig Mirror Grey - Probably the best Android phone ever created.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64 gig Black - My first big phone. Battery life sucks

LG G4 32 gig - Bootlooped after 2 years

Samsung Galaxy S3 - I had no qualms with this phone. Does everything I needed it to do

iPhone 6 - Pretty basic phone at that time. Battery life sucks when you turn on LTE

LG Optimus G - Ghost touches after a year

MyPhone Flagship I forgot the name exactly - Shittiest phone I've ever bought. Sold it after a day at a 5k loss FML

iPhone 4s - My first ever Apple device

Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini - My first ever smartphone

Nokia e72

Nokia e52

Samsung Jet

Samsung e590

Sony Ericsson K510i

Nokia 3220

Nokia 3210

Ericsson A3618 - My first ever mobile phone


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