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Inspiration about Life🫂👥🌍


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Life is not a competition. Trust your own pace and work on your own pace. Dadating din ang oras mo.
Kung hindi ka man maging multi-millionaire, multi-billionaire, o richest man/woman sa mundo, laging mong tatandaan na kung masaya ka, ibig sabihin n'yon, successful ka.
Hindi rin pwede na puro ka trabaho. That's not living your life. Maiksi lang ang buhay. Kung puro ka trabaho at wala kang panahon para mag relax, panahon sa sarili mo, panahon sa pamilya mo, hindi mo mararanasan ang tunay na kahulugan ng buhay.
Kung nasa sa 'yo ang best things in life—the things that money can't buy, then, you are living your life.
Madaming mayaman na naliligo na sa pera pero hindi masaya. Dahil at the end of the day, ang magpapasaya sa 'yo ay 'yung mga bagay na hindi mabibili ng pera.
Ang tunay na successful? Winning in life.
Doing what you love + being with the people you love + inner peace + living your life equals to happiness.
happiness = real meaning of success. 💯.



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