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Random Thoughts Thread

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My thoughts are free to go anywhere, but it's surprising how often they head in your direction. Pakshet! Ikaw na naman ang nasa kukote ko

I'm getting too emotionally exhausted. The logical side of me wants me to start pulling away. I want to stop getting in touch with you until you need me again and you initiate. Isa kang tuksong nakadamit anghel. This was not meant to be a relationship in the first place. I warned you not to say those three words because these complications are precisely what I feared would transpire. My mistake was that I reciprocated. I should have held myself back even when I really did love you already. Now, I'm more confused than ever. Ang sarap mo kasing iyung pagmamahal

You can have your weekend with her. She is your fiancee after all. Manuyo ka sa kanya dahil nawala ka last weekend and you were with me. Inubos natin ang mga oras at mga lakas nating bumibilang sa paglipas nito. After all, I'm just your second choice, maybe even your last priority. I will never let you choose, because in the end, I know you will choose her over me. You can have your weekends with her. But you will need to start getting used to weekdays without me. I told you that I will try to be your friend even after you are married to her,  that this hanky-panky will stop. But today, I realized that I might not be able to do that, let alone not cry at the sight of the two of you. Meanwhile, pahiram ng iyong pagtatangi hanggang malaos ang bawal. 

You can have me, over and over again. But sooner or later (maybe sooner), you won't have my heart anymore....Tangnang pag-ibig to!!!

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