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Always Follow Your Heart ( Daw. )

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11 hours ago, csb_miley said:

Also sometimes not following ur mind will make ur heart suffer for the rest of ur life.. Wc sometimes leads to loosing ur mind. Heart ang my feelings hndi ang mind. Dnt depend on quotes and sayings, pakiramdaman mo ang srili mo s bwat ctuation kng san pabor ang mind or ang heart ba? 

Actually in the end if the relationship didnt work either heart or mind ang ngdecide, it is the  mental and physical health that will suffer. 

If u follow ur heart, but relationship gone bad, cnong ng decide nyan db ang mind. 

If mind ang ngdecide, bakit ngdecide ang mind? Db dhil naramdaman ng heart? Actually ang daya nga eh. If u let ur heart decide pro ng failed ang relationship nyo,  mentally health dn ang mgsa-suffer, why? sa kakaisip dhil dpress ka right, anong gamit ang mind, in tge end mind dn ang ngsuffer, kawawang mind haha. 

If u use ur mind nmn then u broke up dn nmn or relationship didnt work, ur heart suffer, then mentally next. So in the end Mind ang kawawa. Prang iisa lang ang ending either u choose ur mind or heart. 

Bka ang tama itanong sinong pipiliin mo "mental health or cya?" hahahhaa

Anyways, Both are tandem actually, quotes and sayings lang ang nakalakihan ntn na "is it the heart or the mind" ang ggmitin sa love.

Also Dpends sa ctuation. Minsan ang kailangan mong sundin ang mind, minsan ang heart. Bsta u knw how to use them both. Balance lang. 




Amen 🙌 balance is the key 

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