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Share ko lang....sa daming malilibog sa Pilipinas, bakat kaya walang tunay the sex club. Yung kagaya ng Green Door sa Las Vegas. You pay for your entrance fee or membership but sex is free with consenting adukts who visit the place.



Hindi maganda dyan. Been there back in the day. Lots of middle aged overweight people lol. I left quick

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Hindi maganda dyan. Been there back in the day. Lots of middle aged overweight people lol. I left quick

It depends on the day and what time you go. I’ve seen lookers at these places. From my experience, it’s best to go after midnight on weekends. I’ve personally had a good time with nice looking women at these places. There are several places in Las Vegas that I go to. Where else can you get a glory hole and gangbang experience for free. You are not forced to have sex with anyone you don’t like. You’d be surprised how many guys bring their nice looking wives to get f#&ked by someone else. I’ve seen a group of girls come in and give guys free blow jobs. My point is why isn’t there one like this in Manila. It seems to me that this is fully legal since there is no selling of sex. As far as I know, none of the places have ever been raided simply because sex is consensual. We need a true sex club in Manila.

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Akala ko dati, madali lang ang buhay. Akala ko patag lang ang daan patungo sa tagumpay. Na hindi ako maliligaw — na alam ko kung saang kalye ako liliko. Na hindi ako matutumba habang nilalakbay ko ang pasilyo nitong mundo. Na hindi ako masusugatan habang tinatahak ko ang daan patungo sa pagkapanalo at paglago.

Pero nagkamali ako. Hindi pala madali ang buhay. Hindi pala laging diretso ang paglalakbay.
Hindi pala tuloy-tuloy at matiwasay ang daan patungo sa tagumpay. 
May mga araw na maliligaw ka. May pagkakataong hindi mo alam kung saan ka liliko o kung saang kalye ka na ba.. Hindi sigurado kung lalakad lang ba o tatakbo kasi baka madapa ka sa daang baku-bako. 

May mga gabing mababalot ka ng pag-aalala. Tatatanongin mo ang sarili kung makakarating pa ba o hanggang dito na lang. Makakaramdam ka ng pagkabalisa at pagdududa.  Malulunod ka sa sarili mong luha. Darating ang mga sitwasyong pipigil sa'yo para magpatuloy pa.


nauuwanan ko kung bakit kailangan nating maligaw sa mga kanto o kung bakit kailangan nating madapa sa daang baku-bako. Kung bakit kailangan nating matumba at masugatan habang binabagtas natin ang daan ng buhay. Kung bakit kailangan nating matakot o kung bakit kailangan nating makaramdam ng sakit at lungkot. 

Dahil sa gano'ng paraan natin makakabisado ang bawat pasilyo — kung saan tayo liliko o kailan ta'yo hihinto hindi para sumuko kun'di para magpahinga. Sa ganoong paraan natin masasaulado ang ikot ng mundo. Sa gano'ng paraan pala tayo mas natututo at nagkakaroon ng mas maraming rason para  magpatuloy. Sa gano'ng paraan tayo mas nagiging matapang at determinado.

Ang pagkaligaw at pagkadapa pala ang magbibigay sa atin ng lakas ng loob para mas lalong magpatuloy sa buhay hanggang sa makamit natin ang inaasam na tagumpay.

— Meliton Leonida Lavilles

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If your around 20's, I think...

When we hurt someone or when someone hurts us, it is not anger, sadness or disappointment that is revealed after an argument - it is actually a 'question'. A question which starts to validate your presence, worth or value in that moment. A question of why and how things happened or 'where that person is coming from'. 

We can somehow disregard the feelings of sadness, disappointment and anger after an argument, but we cannot, atleast, control our mind to accept those varied questions. That is why some of us cry not because they are sensitive or vulnerable. Let's just say that tears fall when the mind cannot sustain and the heart is occupied.

Likewise, maybe these happened  because we are emotionally unprepared and situationally disoriented or when our inner child and childish emotions took over wisdom and understanding which affected that instance and maybe the relationship.

How to avoid this situation? It is up to you, the people around you and between that person. Say sorry, maybe not now but soon. 

Just learn to acknowledge your mistake and learn from it. Remember, your relationship should matter over any form of sh*t.


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