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On 10/14/2021 at 3:33 PM, harahirana said:

I started here 2003 and had multiple nicknames because either I got suspended or deactivating due to lovelife matters, haha

have met a lot of lady pioneers here like Ms. Macy (RIP), Switlass and the likes

also some gentlemen whom I can't remember....

I also had a GF here who was a pioneer here also,, sadly, she had kids and don't know what happened to her..

I got the site from the FHM article as well

Ms. Macy is dead? What happened??

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"I don't have any idea how this reward system goes. Might as well spend the whole 50 points on you. You deserve it!"

Nightwriter was awarded the badge 'Superstar' and 50 points.

I became a member of MTC back in 2003 when an ex boyfriend posted my number on one of the threads.

Back then, there were only 200 people who were members of MTC when I've received a ton of calls from different people - old men and young men asking for 'service'.  Fortunately someone told me about my phone number posted so I was relentless and upset and scrutinized the pages of MTC. The number was probably erased by a MOD and I became part of MTC since then. 

My ex BF was bad news. After I broke up with him, He'd gone ape sh i t crazy. I wasn't impressed that he'd be taking me to Malacanang Palace and meet the President after our wedding.  He really did proposed to me after I said it was over. All that malacanang thing was a gag! Who would believe that?

I broke up with him because it turned out that he was snooping in my email. He was sending all sorts of emails to my friends and one almost lost his job because my Ex was sending nude photos of heterosexual men. I never saw him again after he 'famously' walked into the HR department of my workplace and told them that I was a drunk and a drug addict and never do well.

The HR department were obviously horrified and immediately send him off his way and talked to me afterwards. I haven't had a taste of gin since college and recreation drugs were not my thing.  It took awhile till he's no longer stalking me. He probably figured it out that I'm not coming back! 

A month later, I was already dating a couple of people from Manila Tonight. It turned out well in the end. I've met a lot of nice people here. 

I think I'll be forever grateful about this place because it became an outlet for my writing. I was working in a foreign firm when we'd handle financial cases of all sorts when I started writing my vlog. A couple of years later, I moved on from the firm and started writing copies. 




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